Wet Weather and Field Closures

Latest Update - Fields Status: Closed

Updated: 17 January 2020

Council wishes to advise that all turf sports fields in the Georges River area are CLOSED for all school use, training and competition. This does not apply to sport and recreation facilities with hard surfaces including netball courts, basketball courts and tennis courts. Sports and recreation facilities with hard surfaces and walking and bike tracks remain open.

The fields will be reassessed on Sunday morning.

Please check back at any time to determine Parks Field Status.

Wet Weather Information - 9330 6452

Closure of Sports Fields

Use of the outdoor sports facilities can be suspended in the event of wet weather because training and play during rain or when fields are wet can damage the grounds and significantly disrupt the surface.

How Sports Fields are Assessed

On the day of and days following heavy rain, each field is inspected to determine playability for both competition and training. This follows a consistent approach and includes undertaking site inspections of each individual fields within the local government area, recording the rainfall on each day, liaising with sports associations, and by taking into consideration projected weather forecasts.

While it may not have rained for a few days and the grounds look dry, the soil profile of some fields can remain saturated for long periods of time. This means the grounds can be quite soft and are not suitable for use.

Council only closes every sporting field in the local government area following consultation with sporting associations and by agreeing that competition and training cannot be held.

Decisions regarding weekend ground closures are usually made on a Friday afternoon, particularly if the ground has been heavily saturated and if there is forecast of more rain. If the grounds are not saturated, but still wet under foot, Council may make the final decision to play prior to 7.00am on weekends or to be at the discretion of individual sporting associations.

Since rainfall patterns are not necessarily the same in all areas, some suburbs may receive considerably less rain while others receive heavier rain. As a result the field status of sports fields in the Georges River local government area, may not be the same as those of neighbouring areas.

For More Information

You can contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Wet Weather Hotline – 9330 6452. Here you can hear recent updates about the status of fields throughout the local government area. 




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