Parking and Traffic



Signposted and time-restricted roadside parking is available throughout the Georges River area. 

It is important that street signs and parking notices are read carefully, as the conditions are enforced by Council.

Our Parking Officers patrol and respond to non-complying parking, such as vehicles parked in:

  • Loading zones

  • Mobility parking zones

  • A place which blocks a driveway

  • Timed parking areas beyond the permitted time. 

Officers also regularly patrol school zones within the local area.

If you wish to report illegal parking please contact Council.

What should I do if I receive a Penalty Notice (Fine) from Council?

Once Council has issued a Penalty Notice there are a number of options available. Unfortunately for reasons of probity and to prevent any perception of bias or favouritism by Council or its employees, Council is unable to review the matter. An independent third party review of the Penalty Notice is one of the options available as detailed below:

1.  Pay the amount on the Penalty Notice – Methods of payment are listed on the reverse of the Penalty Notice.

2.  Request a review of the Penalty Notice –  Should you wish to make a representation to the Penalty Notice, you can lodge an online request at or write to the address below, quoting your Penalty Notice number:

The Director
Revenue NSW
PO Box 786
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Please note that representation must be made within 21 days of the “date posted” as shown on the top right corner of the Penalty Notice. Further details can be found at the Revenue NSW website: or by calling 1300 138 118 (Monday to Friday 7.30am to 8.00pm).

Representation must be made in writing. DO NOT forward your representation to Council. All representation must be made to the Revenue NSW.

3.  Have the matter heard in court – If you wish to have this matter decided in Court, please follow the instructions listed on the reverse of the Penalty Notice.

If you have any other issues relating to parking, please contact Council.

Parking Permits

If your property is located within a parking regulated area, you are eligible to apply for a parking permit. Please review our fees and charges to learn more about purchasing a parking permit.

View our Intramaps to see which areas require a permit to park a vehicle.

Heavy and long vehicles

Heavy and long vehicles are permitted to stop in public streets in accordance with the provisions of Rule 200 of Road Rules 2014. Heavy vehicles have a gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or more and long vehicles are 7.5 metres or longer. These vehicles are only permitted to park in a built up area for a maximum of 1 hour unless a traffic control device indicates a longer period.

Some exemptions to this rule apply where the vehicle is picking up or dropping off goods, such as at a building site or furniture removalists or if the vehicle is a bus.

Further information is outlined in the regulation.

Off-street parking locations 

Hurstville CBD

Address Cost

Hurstville Central Shopping Centre

Ormonde Parade, Hurstville


Waratah Private Hospital

23 Dora Street, Hurstville

1 hour free *

MacMahon Street Carpark

16 MacMahon Street, Hurstville

3 hours free

Woniora Road Carpark

1D GreenbankStreet, Hurstville


Gloucester Road

4 Gloucester Road, Hurstville

3 hours free

Westfield Shopping Centre

Park Road, Hurstville

3 hours free

Treacy Street

41 Treacy Street, Hurstville

3 hours free

Empress Gardens

Woniora Road, Hurstville

1/2 hour free *

Park with Divvy

430 Forest Road, Hurstville



Kogarah CBD



Commuter Carpark

272 Railway Parade, Carlton


Railway Street Carpark

2 Railway Street, Kogarah


Commuter Carpark

Railway Street, Kogarah

2 hours free

Derby Street Carpark

2 Derby Street, Kogarah

Paid to 3 hours *

St George Hospital Belgrave Street Carpark

30 Belgrave Street, Kogarah


St George College TAFE Carpark

19 Wicks Lane, Kogarah


Kogarah Town Centre Carpark

1/9 Railway Parade, Kogarah


* Further information on the parking fees in Council operated carparks is available in Council's Fees and Charges document.

Traffic Issues

The Local Traffic Committee, which meets on the third Tuesday of each month, considers proposals related to traffic, parking and signage.

The Committee includes representatives from the Roads and Maritime Services, local Police, State Local Members offices, transport organisations and Council staff. Recommendations from the Committee are considered by Council prior to final approval.

Contact us for issues relating to traffic and signage. 

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