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In accordance with the current public health order, bushcare events and activities have been cancelled. Further information is available on our COVID-19 information page.

To register your interest in becoming a Georges River Bushcarer, complete this online form.

For further information, contact us at


Bushcare volunteers

If you are interested in caring for local bushland, find out how you can get involved with one of our Bushcare Groups. Additional information on local bushcare volunteering opportunities can be found on the Georges River Council Bushcare Volunteers facebook page.

View the map to learn which sites are managed by our bushcare volunteers.

Remnant bushland sites in the Georges River area: 

Baldface Point Reserve

Marine Drive Reserve

Banksia Place Reserve 

Meyer Reserve

Carss Bush Park

Moons Avenue Reserve

Cedar Street Reserve

Moore Reserve

Church Street Reserve

Myles Dunphy Reserve

Depot Road Reserve

Oatley Heights Park

Edith Bay Wetlands

Oatley Pleasure Grounds

H.V. Evatt Park

Oatley Memorial Gardens

Foreshore Reserve

Oatley Point Reserve

Freeman Avenue Reserve   

Ogilvy Street Reserve

Gannons Park    

Park Road/Dame Mary Gilmore Avenue

Gungah Bay Reserve  

Peakhurst Foreshore

Heinrich Reserve   

Pearce Avenue Reserve

Jewfish Point Reserve

Ponderosa Place Reserve

Jinna Road Reserve

Poulton Park

Johnstone Street Reserve

Redin Place Reserve

Kyle Williams Reserve

Riverwood Wetlands

Lime Kiln Bay Wetlands

Shipwrights Bay Reserve

Lugarno Parade Reserve

Yarran Road Reserve

Local bushcare projects funded by the Communities Environment Program Grants 2020-21

We are working with the community on environmental restoration activities including bush regeneration, planting native species, soft erosion control, litter removal, vegetation research, monitoring and community engagement activities (pending COVID-19 restrictions) in these three local sites:

  • the endangered vegetation of Coastal Escarpment Littoral Rainforest and Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest  at H.V. Evatt Park, Lugarno
  • Sandstone Gully Forest at Moore Reserve, Oatley
  • critically endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest vegetation at Beverly Hills Park, Kingsgrove 

These project are funded by the Australian Government's Communities Environment Program 2020/2021 to support small scale, community-led environment projects that address local environmental priorities.
These three sites in the Georges River area have been chosen to:

  • improve the management of native species, including threatened species, and their habitat;
  • improve coastal, wetland and riparian;
  • reduced the risk to the environment from litter/waste, run-off to waterways, feral animals, disease and weeds;
  • increase community knowledge and participation in activities that protect and restore environmental assets;
  • encourage community connection with the natural environment in their local area.

These projects are due to be completed in June 2021 and further information is available by emailing 

Bushfire Prone Land 

Bushfire prone land is land where a bushfire can easily occur.

If you have any concerns that bushland on or near your property may be a bushfire hazard, please contact the Rural Fire Service on 8741 5555 for further advice. The Bushfire Prone Land Map details risk areas for Peakhurst, Mortdale and Hurstville Wards.

If your property has already been classified within a bushfire prone zone, you may be eligible for the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme which provides residents living near the bush with an additional way of being better prepared for bushfires.

Building on Bushfire Prone Land

If you are planning to undertake development for any purpose on bushfire prone land, you must comply with the NSW Rural Fire Service Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 and applicants must submit a Bushfire Assessment Report.

Useful Links

Bankstown/Hurstville Bushfire Risk Management Plan
NSW Rural Fire Service Website for Building in a Bushfire Prone Area.

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