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Environmental Sustainability Calculator for Development Applications

Council has developed a new tool to give effect to Clause 6.11 Environmental Sustainability of the Georges River Local Environmental Plan (GRLEP) 2021. This tool is called the Environmental Sustainability Calculator (the Calculator).

When the Calculator is needed

The Calculator replaces environmental sustainability reports and enables you to demonstrate compliance with Clause 6.11 of the GRLEP. It applies to development applications (DAs) involving buildings with a gross floor area (GFA) of 1,500sqm or greater in employment zones (E1 Local Centre, E2 Commercial Centre, E4 General Industrial, and MU1 Mixed Use) and the high density residential (R4) zone. 

It applies to the erection of a new building, change of use of an existing building, and alterations or additions to an existing building. However, it does not apply to change of use and internal alterations that do not increase the external building footprint or envelope.

The Calculator applies to applicable DAs lodged from Monday 1 January 2024.

Who can complete the Calculator?

The Calculator addresses the need for a standardised and simplified method to give effect to Clause 6.11. It can be completed without specialised environmental sustainability expertise - anyone involved in the design of the DA can complete the Calculator, including the architect, town planner and engineer.

How does the Calculator work?

The Calculator is set up in a 'choose your own adventure' format with a passing score system. It contains an extensive and diverse suite of ESD (environmentally sustainable design) mechanisms which are distributed into six (6) categories in response to the principles under Clause 6.11.

Points are assigned to each ESD mechanism within the Calculator. A minimum passing score is prescribed for each category while a generous pool of points is available to provide flexibility and choice for the proponent.

DA documentation like architectural plans need to show the selected ESD mechanisms to ensure environmental sustainability is incorporated into the design, construction and ongoing operation of the development. Prompts for where these are required are built into the online Calculator.

How to complete the Calculator

  • Access the Calculator online via the button below.

  • Progress can be saved online and shared with multiple users to complete collaboratively.

  • You don’t need to create an account when you save a form.

  • Council cannot view the entries which are still in progress.

  • Do not submit the Calculator until you are confident all commitments have been reflected in the DA documentation.

Submit Online Calculator

Lodging your DA with the Calculator

When you submit the Calculator online, a copy of the completed Calculator will be available for download in PDF format. The PDF copy of the completed Calculator must be submitted as part of the DA documentation package on the NSW Planning Portal.

You will still need to lodge any other supporting material required under the DA Guide and associated codes and policies, such as stormwater or hydraulic plans, landscape plans, National Construction Code section J reports, BASIX certificates and NatHERS documentation.

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