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Pay my rates

Looking to pay your Council Invoice? Visit Pay my invoice

How to pay

Note that penalty charges apply daily to late payments. Visit our Late payments page for information on due dates, and late payment penalty charges.

To pay, you will need your Customer Reference Number (listed on your Rates and Charges Notice).

Pay via Credit or Visa/Mastercard Debit Card 

For security reasons, online payments cannot be made using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection and the transaction will be declined. 

  • Pay Rates Online or to pay via phone, call 1300 323 269.

  • Note: Visa/Mastercard Credit and Visa/Mastercard Debit cards 0.45% surcharge, American Express 1.4% surcharge and Diners Club not accepted.

Pay via BPAY

  • Pay via your bank account using your financial institution's website or phone banking.

  • Quote Biller Code 34405 and Reference No (your Customer Reference Number listed on your Rates & Charges Notice).

Pay via Direct Debit

  • Complete a Rates Direct Debit Form to have your annual or quarterly rates payments automatically debited from your cheque or savings account.

  • Form must be received by Council at least two weeks before next due date.

Pay via cash, cheque or EFTPOS


Didn't receive your Rates and Charges Notice?

Please call our Customer Service Centre on (02) 9330 6400 or email and provide the following details:

  • Full name of registered owner(s)
  • Contact details
  • Property address
  • Postal address

Recently moved?

It is your responsibility to advise Council of your new address and contact details. To update your details complete the Change of Postal Address form on our website.

Notification of changes to your postal address will not be accepted by Council over the telephone.

Switch to receive rates notices via email

Receive your rates notice via email by submitting our online Change of postal address form

Overpayment of your rates account

Additional payments made to a rates account are automatically applied to any remaining instalments and can only be refunded if charges for the current rating year have already been paid in full. 

To apply for a refund, complete the Rates Overpayment Refund Application form and include sufficient evidence of the overpayment such as a bank statement or receipt. A refund fee is applicable and will be deducted from the refund amount.

Late payment interest charges & legal proceedings

Penalty interest will apply on a daily basis for unpaid amounts after the due date. Where an account is overdue, Council may take legal action to enforce and recover the overdue amount.

Visit our Late payments page for more information and contact Council before your rates are due to avoid additional charges.

Payment of Rates - Frequently Asked Questions

To view other rates FAQ topics visit our Rates Frequently asked questions page.

  • Can Council reduce or waive fees?
    As rates are secured against the land, Council is legally unable to reduce or waive the value of rates. Under the legislation, Council can waive interest or late fees when customers enter into payment arrangements.

    Council encourages all ratepayers to pay their charges on time.

    If you are experiencing financial difficulties in paying your rates, Council may be able to assist. Visit our Hardship Assistance page for further information. 
  • Can the interest charges be waived and or frozen?
    Council is committed to assisting customers who are experiencing financial hardship. We can offer payment arrangements such as interest free extensions and interest free payment plans to ease the burden.

    To request a payment arrangement, please submit a Hardship Assistance Payment Arrangement Form available from our Hardship Assistance page before the due date of the rate payment.
  • How to dispute my rates charges (if you believe there has been an error by Council)?

    You can request a review of rates charges (including interest or legal) if you believe an error caused by Council contributed to the charges. Requests due to oversight, being unaware or not receiving the rates notices will result in your request being unsuccessful.

    Check the following before submitting your dispute.

    • Have you made payments on time? Visit our Late Payments page.
    • Have you advised Council of your current postal address? Update your address here or see above for how to receive your rates notice online. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure Council has the correct address for the service of the rates notice. 

    All disputes must be submitted in writing with documentation attached to support your claims that an error caused by Council contributed to the charges.

    Please email:

  • If I pay strata fees, do I still pay rates to Council?
    Yes, rates are separate from strata or owner corporation (body corporate) fees. Council rates must be paid directly to Council. To pay your Council Rates and Charges, visit Pay my rates.
  • What are ordinary rates, waste and stormwater charges?

    There are three types of charges that may be listed on your Rates and Charges Notice.

    Ordinary Rates
    Ordinary rates (also referred to as Rates) are used to provide essential services such as the road network, street lighting, street cleaning, footpaths, parks, sport and recreation facilities, environmental planning and conservation, city rangers, pest control, libraries, town planning and building control, community services, and much more.

    Council is legally obliged to determine and charge an ordinary rate for each year on all rateable land in its area. Ordinary rates are made up of a variable rate based on the land value of individual properties in proportion to the total value of all land in the Local Government Area.

    The type of Ordinary Rate depends on the rating category (or sub-category) applied to your property.

    Visit Council's page on How rates are calculated and spent for more information. 

    Domestic Waste Management Charge 
    The Local Government Act 1993 requires councils to levy an annual charge for domestic waste management services on all parcels of rateable residential land for which the service is available, whether or not it is actually used. All property owners should contribute to the current and future provision of waste services. Charges for this service include the supply of waste, recycling and green waste collection bins, collection and disposal costs. Also included in this annual charge are other costs such as the bi-annual household clean-up kerbside collection service and education programs conducted by Council. Vacant residential land is charged a vacant land charge. These charges are applied on a cost recovery basis.

    Council levies other charges for additional services such as additional waste collection bins.

    Stormwater Management Charge
    This contributes to the cost of providing new or additional stormwater services across the local area. These activities may include:

    • stormwater pollution prevention,

    • flood mitigation,

    • rainwater and stormwater harvesting,

    • community education programs and stormwater drainage systems operations and maintenance.

    The maximum amount that a council can charge is $25 for an average residential block, and the charge can only be levied on properties where council provides a stormwater management service.​

    The yearly charge for residential landowners is $25 while strata unit owners pay $12.50.

    Business land owners pay $25 for each 350sqm or part of 350sqm, up to a maximum of $1,500. Business strata units pay $5 or $25 per 350sqm (or part thereof) of land area that would apply to the land subject to the strata scheme divided on a pro-rata basis between the lots, not less that $5 for any individual lot.

    Certain land may be exempt from the charge, such as Crown land, rural land, vacant land containing no impervious surfaces, and land belonging to charities and public benevolent institutions.

I want to...



  • Receive my rates notices via BPAY View

    To receive your rates notices via BPAY View instead of via post, please apply through your financial institution.

  • Update my name on my Rates and Charges Notice

    Council records reflect the name that is listed on the Certificate of Title for your land.

    If your change of name is due to sale, purchase, marriage or change of name certificate you will need to officially change your name on your land title first. Contact NSW Land Registry Services on telephone 02 8776 3575 or visit their website at for further information.

    If you wish to change the name due to death, Council will update the title of the deceased individual to “Estate of the Late” after receiving a copy of the Death Certificate or advice from Centrelink during the Pension rebate confirmation process.

    Name details are only updated after we receive advice from the NSW Land Registry Services.

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