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Late payments

Visit Council's Pay my rates page to pay your Rates and Charges. 

An Annual Rates and Charges Notice is issued to all ratepayers by the end of July and lists all amounts due for the financial year (1 July to 30 June). 

Due dates

It is important to make your payments by the due date to avoid being charged daily penalty interest on any unpaid amounts as they fall due.

  • Option 1 – Pay full yearly amount by 31 August.
  • Option 2 – Pay by quarterly instalments, automatically determined when the full yearly amount is not paid by 31 August.
    • 1st instalment amount due 31 August
    • 2nd Instalment amount due 30 November (Notice issued end of October)
    • 3rd Instalment amount due 28 February (Notice issued end of January)
    • 4th instalment amount due 31 May (Notice issued end of April)

Penalties for late payments

All rates and charges not paid by the specified due dates incur interest on a daily basis, commencing the first day after the due date. The longer an amount remains outstanding, the more interest will be charged. The rate of interest is set by Council but does not exceed State Government regulation percentages. To avoid being charged interest make sure payment is made before the due date.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Council may be able to assist. Visit our Hardship Assistance page before payment is due to find out more about available options such as payment extensions and payment plans and to apply.

Overdue rates and legal recovery action

Where an account is overdue, Council may take legal action to enforce and recover the overdue amount. This will incur additional costs payable by the property owner. Such action may also affect the owner’s credit file.

If you have received a legal notice from Council's debt recovery agent, please contact them directly to discuss your financial situation. If you are facing financial hardship, complete the form on our Hardship Assistance page. We are unable to remove any additional costs or remove details from your credit file if you do not inform us before the action has commenced.

Didn't receive your Rates and Charges Notice?

This situation can occur as we may not have your current postal address. It is your responsibility to inform Council when your details change. To update your details, complete a Rates and Charges - Change of Postal Address form to update. 

Notification of changes to your postal address will not be accepted by Council over the telephone.

Switch to receive rates notices via email

Receive your rates notice via email by submitting our online Change of postal address form

Payment of Rates - Frequently Asked Questions

To view other rates FAQ topics visit our Rates Frequently asked questions page.

I want to...

  • Receive my Rates Notices online

    Switch from paper to electronic Rates Notices with two options to choose from below. Note that you should still keep your postal address details up to date to ensure you receive other Council correspondence or in cases of undeliverable email.

    So you don't miss a Rates Notice, it is your responsibility to notify Council of any changes to delivery method / address at least 50 days before instalment due dates.

    Option 1 - Receive Rates notices via email 
    Sign up to receive your Rates and Charges Notice direct to your email by completing Council's Email Notification of Rates Notice form.

    Option 2 - Receive Rates Notices through your online/mobile banking 
    Sign up to BPAY View through your own online banking website to receive, pay and store your Rates Notices. Benefits includes due date reminders and alerts and access to notices up to 18 months old. To sign up:

    1. Log into your online banking account
    2. Look for the BPAY View or View Bills section
    3. Register your Rates Notice by entering the BPAY biller code and your references
    4. BPAY View will notify Council once your registration is finalised.

    Visit BPAY View or contact your financial institution for more information.

  • Receive my rates notices via BPAY View

    To receive your rates notices via BPAY View instead of via post, please apply through your financial institution.

  • Update my name on my Rates and Charges Notice

    Council records reflect the name that is listed on the Certificate of Title for your land.

    If your change of name is due to sale, purchase, marriage or change of name certificate you will need to officially change your name on your land title first. Contact NSW Land Registry Services on telephone 02 8776 3575 or visit their website at for further information.

    If you wish to change the name due to death, Council will update the title of the deceased individual to “Estate of the Late” after receiving a copy of the Death Certificate or advice from Centrelink during the Pension rebate confirmation process.

    Name details are only updated after we receive advice from the NSW Land Registry Services.

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