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'Nangamay dreams’ by Venessa Possum

'Nangamay dreams’ Venessa Possum

25 June -  17 July 2022
Dragon's Lair Gallery

‘Nangamay dreams’ is an archive created during Venessa Possum’s artist residency at Carss Park Cottage in late 2020. The exhibition consists of a drape of linen-voile, scattered with printed images extracted from Venessa’s journaling and a selection of objects also made during this time. Images include pages of mark making, drawings, paintings, handwritten poesis and significant located colonial records. As a Dharug artist, Venessa is inviting the viewer to experience this archive, ignited by ephemeral videography of badu (Water Country).

View Vanessa's blog post to read about her work and her artistic process.

Join us to celebrate our latest Dragon's Lair Gallery exhibition with 'An artist talk' on Sunday 17 July at 2:30pm for the closure of this exhibition (past event). 

Image: 'nangamay dreams 2020-22’, a still image of a single channel videography projection, 2022.

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