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Name that mushie

Dragon's Lair Gallery
28 January - 26 February 2023


With a background in the life sciences, Matt Huan’s artwork is often inspired by nature. Creative and experimental works in Name that mushie explore a selection of fungi species and how they relate to their namesakes.
The artist uses pen, ink, and media created from “pantry pigments” such as food colouring, coffee, turmeric, cuttlefish sepia, fruit and vegetable juices, honey, sauces, and more in his works.
Each fungi illustrated is accompanied by objects serving as clues to the ‘shroom names that visitors are invited to identify.


  • Paint your Mushie: Experiment with ‘pantry pigments’ to create your own painting in a free drop in art session - this event was held on Friday 10 February. 
  • The opening of this exhibition was held on Saturday 28 January 2023, 11.00am.

Image: Matthew Huan, Lentinula edodes, 2022, pen, food colouring, soya sauce, wasabi and ocha, collection of the artist (detail).

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