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Mirror, Mirror on the river

'Mirror, Mirror on the river’ by Rhonda Dee

23 July -  14 August 2022
Dragon's Lair Gallery

Mirror, Mirror on the river is a solo exhibition that combines aspects of centuries old folk-tales re-imagined through the lens of modern-day habitat loss and climate change disasters.

Rhonda Dee will explore some of the endangered flora and fauna species of the Georges River through ceramic sculptures, and mixed-media collages.
Her new works combine a fusion of fragmented narratives and hybrid animal/human/plant forms as a way of questioning what it means to be ‘other’ in an uncertain world. 

View Rhonda's blog post to read about her work and her artistic process.

Join us to celebrate our latest Dragon's Lair Gallery exhibition with 'An artist talk' on Saturday 23 July from 2.00pm onwards for the opening of this exhibition (past event).

Image credit: 'Broken Song 1', Hand  built ceramic, acrylic on wood, acrylic on slip cast porcelain, Rhonda Dee 2022 (detail). Photo by Zaki P.

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