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Dressed for desire

29 October - 20 November 2022
Dragon's Lair Gallery

Dressed for Desire explores the perceived guilt associated with the stillness of the female body in the domestic realm. Masses of dough, as representative of forbidden female flesh, are stuffed into vases. Expanding slowly the sensual and grotesque material secretes and leaks, disrupting the fragile vessels. These works reflect on the absurdity that women should be anything but still during lockdown periods. Instead, we should be working our bodies and modifying our food consumption, to blossom into ‘improved’ physical versions of ourselves. Drawing from representations of indulgence, excess, and the abject, the female body is framed as yet another absurd homeware in a parody of women’s roles in heteronormative Australia.

View Lauren's blog post to read about her work and her artistic process.


Hurstville Museum & Gallery celebrated the opening of this exhibition on Saturday 29 October 2022, 2.00pm.

​Image: Lauren McCartney, Bloom, framed archival pigment print, 2022.

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