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A homage to the Goddess of the suburban backyard

Dragon's Lair Gallery
4 March - 9 April 2023

Lissa-Jane de Sailles is a basket maker and fibre sculptor. With a background in dance and costume design, Lissa takes a multidisciplinary approach to her work. Over the years she has furthered her skills in basketry construction techniques internationally by learning with master makers in the USA and Ireland, whilst becoming recognised for her meticulous and often painstaking work.

This exhibition pays homage to the suburban backyard and the people, creatures, plants and things that inhabit them.


  • Exhibition opening: Hurstville Museum & Gallery celebrated the opening of this exhibition on Saturday 4 March 2023, 11.00am. This event has passed.

  • Weaving workshop: Weaving with Weeds: Two consecutive informative sessions where particpants could get hands on experience working in nature using found and foraged natural materials that can be used in basketry construction and decorative art for the home. We began by learning the basics of age-old basketry skills and how to make cordage as well as how to identify, harvest and prepare plant materials for weaving and stitching small baskets. This event has passed.

  • 4 Week Basketry Course: In this four-week course participants learnt various basketry techniques such as random weave, twining, coiling, plaiting, braiding, and looping. Each week we began by discussing how to harvest and prepare locally foraged plant materials and how to use them in basketry construction. The aim of this course was to familiarise participants with basic basketry techniques so that they can practice these skills at home independently. This event has passed.

Image: Red Waratah, 2021, paper, collection of the artist. Image credit: Greg Piper.


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