Older People

According to the latest Census there were 30,200 Georges River residents who were 60 years old or older in 2016. This means that there was a higher proportion of people 60 years old or older living in Georges River Council area (20.6%) than in Greater Sydney (19%).

Our approach

Georges River Council values and supports older people by:

  • Planning for the future needs of people as they age
  • Providing a wide variety of social, cultural and recreational programs
  • Working with and funding local community organisations and local seniors groups
  • Providing information and advice on services and activities for seniors to local residents

Georges River Seniors Program

Council supports a variety of regular free or low cost programs and activities offered in Council facilities such as the Hurstville Senior Citizens Centre and the Kogarah School of Arts. Activities include light exercise and dance classes, computer clubs, multicultural community groups, and art and heritage groups. For information on activities available please contact Council’s Community Development Officer – Seniors on 9330 6091 or by email.  

Georges River Council Active Seniors Festival

Georges River Council is celebrating the NSW Seniors Festival, with the theme ‘Love your life'.  Activities run from 10 to 26 February as part of Georges River Council’s Seniors Festival 2019. Council is partnering and supporting many local seniors’ service providers and groups to showcase a diverse, robust, active, informative and fun-filled festival for the Georges River area.

To find out more please read the Active Seniors Festival Program 2019.

Useful Links

My Aged Care is a national online and phone service to help you find out about aged care services, and what services may be available to help you. For more information please call 1800 200 422.

Carers NSW works with all carers regardless of their age, location, life-stage or circumstances. This includes those caring for individuals with support needs relating to ageing, disability, health and mental illness. Carers NSW can help you get the practical, financial and emotional support you need. Please contact 1800 242 636 to find out more.


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