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At-home waste activities and reminders

The perfect time to brush up on your conscious consumer skills is when you are at home.

Here are some of our top Waste Smart tips to get you started:

  • Avoid single use plastics when you get takeaway to eat at home including cutlery, straws, napkins and bags.

  • When you are cooking a meal, don’t over shop. Only get what you need and always eat leftovers!

  • Try to find ways of reusing or recycling your clothes, like turning them into rags or selling them on social media or gumtree. 

  • Donate your unwanted household items by looking for donation bins or charity stores near you.  Please note: charity stores do not accept damaged goods. You must place your items IN charity bins and not near or around them as this is classified as illegal dumping.

Food Waste

In Australia and across the globe, food is one of the most wasted items. In fact, 35% of the average Australian general waste bin is made up of food waste alone. This waste is sent to landfill where it becomes a significant source of methane - a harmful greenhouse gas. 

Many people create some level of food waste, but this does not need to be sent to landfill. Instead food waste and other organic materials can be transformed into a wonderful resource through composting and/or worm farming.

By recycling your food and organic waste, you will: 

  • Reduce landfill waste 

  • Help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • See a decrease in the amount of waste in your red-lidded general waste bin

  • Create nutrient rich soil in your garden

  • Promote biodiversity in your garden 

Compost Revolution

Georges River Council is dedicated to educating residents on how to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Since 2014, we have partnered with the Compost Revolution in order to make education and equipment readily available to our residents. Compost Revolution is a social venture who can equip you with the skills and provide the right equipment to begin recycling food scraps and organic waste at home.
Join the Compost Revolution with 50% off a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin + FREE delivery courtesy of Georges River Council. Head on over to the Compost Revolution to claim your discount. Make sure to complete the tutorials and quiz on composting, worm farming, and bokashi fermentation to help you learn all you need to know before you start.


Other useful and inspiring links

The EPA have prepared some excellent tips and tricks to help you reduce your household waste. Visit Love Food Hate Waste. Have a look and keep up to date with the ‘Love Food Hate Waste NSW’ Facebook page too. You will find information, recipes and support on how to make the most of your food in a variety of exciting ways like pickling and making marmalade.   

You can also download your ‘Pocket Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables’ from NSW EPA to learn how to get more out of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Visit Planet Ark to view regularly published news on reducing environmental impacts through sustainability and waste minimisation practices.



Let's Get Creative!

If your children are looking for creative ways to spend their spare time at home, the Waste Smart team have the answer. 

Download Waste Smart Flashcards.

Download the Waste Smart Colouring Sheet.  
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DIY Plastic Free Body Care

Making your own body care products is not only cost effective but also better for your skin and the environment. In the past, Council have hosted workshops on making your own body care products. Try this at home by following the instructions on our Plastic-free Eco Body Care booklet.


Learn how to be creative and plastic-free

Are you looking for some quick, easy and family-friendly craft ideas? Watch these instructional craft videos to learn how to get creative whilst avoiding unecessary plastic purchases by using materials you already have at home.  


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