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Step 8 - After you lodge your application


Once Council is satisfied that the necessary information has been provided and full and correct fees have been paid you will receive:

  • a receipt specifying the fees paid; and
  • the registered development application number to acknowledge that we have received your application.

If we need more information

It is essential that you supply Council with all the information required in the relevant application documents otherwise your application may be rejected.  We may need more information about your application, and if we do we will request this by mail as soon as possible after receiving it.  Failure to lodge the requested information will result in your application being determined with the information at hand, and may result in refusal, or it will be returned to you for re-lodgement.

Neighbour notification and advertising

Most development applications are publicly notified to enable interested persons to lodge comments with us. For more information visit our Information for neighbours making a submission web page.

Checking the progress of your application

If you would like to find out how your application is progressing, you can use council’s online DA Tracking which allows you to track the progress of the application from lodgement through to determination.  

Please be advised, that should you wish to discuss the matter with Council, Council will only liaise directly with the applicant and their contact person is the Assessment Officer.  We suggest that the applicant wait at least 21 days from lodgement of your application before checking its status.  

If there's a delay

Many applications are required to be referred to other agencies before we can determine them (for example, integrated development).  This process may cause delays that are beyond our control.  

The planning laws give you certain rights if there is an undue delay in the determination of your application.  For more information, contact the Assessment Officer who is responsible for your application.

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