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Rating categories

Visit our How Rates are Calculated and Spent page to view charges applicable to each rating category.

Rating Categories

Council is required to categorise each parcel of land for rating purposes according to its primary use. All properties within our LGA are grouped under the Residential or Business category. 

You must notify Council within 30 days if the use of your property changes between business and residential subject to development consent (see Request review of land rating category below). Council can also review the rating category of your property at any time.

Request Review of Rating Category

Note: reviews can only be requested for change of rating category only. This does not apply to sub-categories.

It is the property owner's responsibility to request Council review the business or residential category for their property in the following situations by submitting an Application to Change Rating Category of Land form:

  • Within 30 days of the date of Council's written letter notifying of the new property category if you object to Council's categorisation (LG Act Section 524); or
  • At any time if the usage of your property has changed (LG Act Section 525) subject to development consent.

Following Council’s review, if you are dissatisfied with the date on which the declaration will take effect or the outcome of an application to change category, you may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days from the date of Council’s review (LG Act Section 526).

Rating Business Sub-Categories

Properties in the Business category are further broken down into one of five business sub-categories to better reflect access to and demand for services and infrastructure. The sub-category of your business property is automatically determined by its location on this map here. See table below for more detailed maps.



Ordinary Residential

Ordinary Residential 

Ordinary Business

Business General 
Business Local (click to view map)
Business Strategic Centres (click to view map)
Business Industrial (click to view map)
Business Major Shopping Complex (click to view map)



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