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A Career with Us


Performance Excellence Program (PEP)     

Through our Performance Excellence Program, you will work collaboratively with your people leader to establish and continually review expectations in your role, work plans and development goals accordingly to help you succeed at Georges River Council.

PEP formalises our review periods to ensure that you have these check-ins to not only evaluate your progress but also celebrate your achievements. PEP also offers the opportunity to be recommended to our salary board committee to increase your salary within your grade as you excel in your position.

We encourage our staff to take advantage of 'acting in higher duties' opportunities and secondments to develop their leadership capabilities, broaden their skills and prepare them for potential future career progression within council.

Learn Exceed Achieve Progress (LEAP)

Georges River Council’s Learning Program LEAP is informed by the 70-20-10 model which emphasises that the learning we engage in should be 70% experiential, 20% social and 10% formal.

​We are committed to the development of the skills, knowledge and talents of our people to support Georges River Council in achieving our vision, living our values and delivering on our mission to our community.

The LEAP Learning Program incorporates four streams of excellence which supports the trajectory of your career at Georges River Council:

  • Corporate Excellence
  • Professional Excellence
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Personal Excellence

Ongoing, LEAP will be reviewed every two years to address key professional development needs that are identified across our organisation ensuring we prioritise the capabilities required to meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

River Run

River Run is an annual networking and learning opportunity for our people to engage and participate in to establish and embed Council's shared goals, values and the commitments that underpin our continued success as a Council. River Run ensures that our people are well informed and better equipped to meet the needs and expectations of our community.

River Run also helps our diverse business units to come together and find common ground, strengthening our culture across the organisation.



Actively supporting our people from a holistic outlook for total wellbeing, BENE-FIT 360 compromises of three overarching pillars that demonstrate Council’s commitment to a mentally fit workforce (M-FIT), wellness and belonging (WELL-FIT), and work life balance (FLEX-FIT).

This tailored framework has been developed to drive a healthier, happier, and more productive and engaged workforce.

The M-FIT pillar aims to develop and maintain a mentally fit workforce. By inc​reasing mental health awareness, and providing resources for those seekin​g help, we hope to break down the stigma associated with mental health, strengthen morale, improve relationships amongst our people, and ultimately improve culture.​​ We are doing this through the implementation of our M-FIT strategy which aims at:

  • Raising mental health awareness
  • Supporting people leaders in keeping their teams mentally fit
  • Building mental resilience in our workforce
  • Establishing a M-FIT champions network
  • Checking in as an organisation to ensure we prioritise mental health particularly during challenging times.
The WELL-FIT pillar encourages and inspires employees our people to actively engage in improving their health and participate in wellness and belonging initiatives which aim to foster a culture of organisational belonging. Our people have access to:
  • Confidential counselling services for employees and their family through AccessEAP
  • Flu Vaccinations and Skin Checks available annually, free of charge
  • Fitness Passport which provides access to 200 gyms, leisure centres and pools throughout NSW at a discounted rate
  • Zero tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Two days paid Health and Wellbeing Leave per year
  • Four weeks paid Annual Leave per year
  • Three weeks paid cumulative Sick Leave each year.
The FLEX-FIT pillar aims at developing leading flexible and agile work practices, encouraging and supporting flexible options within our workplace, and ultimately a better work-life balance.​ We continue to embed these practices by offering:
  • Flexible Work – our people can take advantage of our Flex-Fit or RDO scheme, which could mean a nine-day fortnight for you
  • Working from Home – our people may request approval to work a maximum of two days per week from home
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave.

Other benefits Council offers includes the option to salary sacrifice additional super, council childcare centres fees, car parking, the Hurstville Aquatic Centre or a novated car lease.

Coming from another Council?

Are you coming from another Council? It doesn’t mean you lose the leave entitlements you’ve accumulated there. We will honour up to 13 weeks of accumulated sick leave and 5 years' worth of transferrable long service leave.

Recognising our People 

The recognition of our people is a key priority for Georges River Council. Our Shine Bright Rewards program recognises outstanding service, performance, innovation and demonstration of Council's mission, vision and values. This program respects the individual and is built on personal choice. Nominees can choose their own rewards and how they receive their recognition. 

Celebrating the length of service of our people, our Saluting Service Awards recognises significant service milestones. Council hosts regular morning teas to acknowledge the service and commitment of these employees and celebrate their contribution to Council.

Staff can also send a note of thanks through our Say Thanks initiative. Simple gestures of gratitude can have positive impacts - it only takes a few minutes, even seconds, to unlock the benefits of an expression of thanks. 


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