Amendments for Hurstville LEP 2012

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1 Included former Canterbury City Council lands (to which the Canterbury Planning Scheme Ordinance applied) within Hurstville City Council’s Planning Controls. Former Canterbury City Council lands in Kingsgrove and Beverly Hills near the M5 motorway. Made 13 September 2013
2 Included 31 new heritage items and removed two existing heritage items from the Heritage list (Schedule 5) in Hurstville LEP 2012. Land to which Schedule 5 to this Plan applies. Made 4 April 2014
  • Included new zoning, height of buildings, floor space ratio and other types of maps into the Hurstville LEP 2012
  • Included provisions for land identified as ‘deferred matters’. The deferred matters include certain land in the Hurstville Civic Precinct, Treacy Street car park and the Westfield site.
Hurstville City Centre Made 10 July 2015
4 Corrected inconsistencies in the adopted maps of Hurstville LEP 2012 (Amendment No 3) relating to 4-6 Dora Street, Hurstville. 4-6 Dora Street, Hurstville Made 24 July 2015
5 Included zones B3 Commercial Core and B4 Mixed Use in Clause 6.6 (Active street frontages) to ensure consistency with the B2 Local Centre zone on the Active Street Frontages Maps. Land zoned B3 Commercial Core and B4 Mixed Use Made 2 October 2015
6 Removed Heritage Item No. I157 (being the Hurstville City Museum and Gallery at No. 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville) from Schedule 5 (Environmental heritage) of Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 (Amendment No. 3) as this site is a deferred matter and the principal instrument applying to this site, is Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 1994. Hurstville City Museum and Gallery, Lot 201, DP 831931, 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville Made 18 December 2015
7 Increased the maximum building height from:
  • 23m to 30m for the north-eastern portion of the site (Building X);
  • 40m to 65m (Building F); and
  • 60m to 65m (Building E) for the south-eastern portion of the site.
Increased the maximum floor space ratio (FSR) for the entire site from 2.5:1 to 3.5:1.
93-103 Forest Road, Hurstville (the ‘East Quarter’) Made 5 May 2017
8 Amended controls applying to land within the Danebank School by:
  • Changing the zone from R2 Low Density Residential to SP2 Infrastructure (Educational Establishment); and
  • Removing the maximum building height, maximum FSR and minimum lot size requirements (in accordance with SP2 Infrastructure zoned land).
80 Park Road and 83 The Avenue, Hurstville
Made 30 September 2016
9 Amended Clause 4.4A (Exceptions to floor space ratios) for buildings on land in certain zones to:
  • Rename Clause 4.4A to “Non-residential floor space ratios”;
  • Insert an objective reflecting the purpose of the Planning Proposal; and
  • Reduce the amount of non-residential floor space required from 0.5:1 to 0.3:1; and
Amended Clause 6.6 (Active street frontages) by including ‘medical centres’ as a land use which satisfies the active street frontage definition.
Land zoned B1Neighbourhood Centre and B2 Local Centre Made 17 November 2017
10 Amended HLEP 2012 controls to:
  • Rezone from R2 Low Density Residential to SP2 Infrastructure (Educational Establishments);
  • Remove the minimum lot size of 450sqm and identify no minimum lot size;
  • Remove the maximum building height of 9m and identify no maximum building height; and
  • Remove the maximum FSR of 0.6:1 and identify no maximum floor space ratio.
87-89 The Avenue, Hurstville

Made 10 February 2017
11 Reclassified the subject land from community land to operational land under the Local Government Act 1993.

The aim of the land classification was to provide greater options for the previously isolated and unusable parcel of land; including its disposal to an adjoining residential property. The subject land is zoned R2 Low Density Residential and no changes to the land zoning or the development standards were proposed.
34 Coreen Avenue, Peakhurst Made 29 September 2017
  • Amended the maximum height of building from 40m to 50m;
  • Amended the FSR from 4.5:1 to 5.5:1; and
  • Included a minimum non-residential FSR of 0.5:1.
29-31 MacMahon Street, Hurstville Made 16 March 2018
13 Amended the HLEP 2012 controls to:
  • rezone Nos. 108 and 112 Forest Road Hurstville from B2 - Local Centre Zone to B4 - Mixed Use Zone and Nos. 1 - 3 Wright Street, Hurstville from R3 - Medium Density Residential Zone to B4 - Mixed Use Zone;
  • increase the height of buildings Map for Nos. 108 and 112 Forest Road and 1 and 3 Wright Street, Hurstville to 34.5m and No. 124 Forest Road, Hurstville to 46.5m
  • increase the maximum floor space ratio for Nos. 108 and 112 Forest Road and Nos. 1 and 3 Wright Street, Hurstville to 4:1;
  • remove the application of the Lot Size Map to Nos. 1 and 3 Wright Street, Hurstville; consistent with the B4 - Mixed Use zone; and
  • include a provision relating to the subject site under Clause 4.4A of HLEP 2012 to state that development consent must not be granted for development unless the non -residential floor space is at least 0.5: 1.
108, 112 and 124 Forest Road and 1 and 3 Wright Street, Hurstville. Made 28 February 2019
  • Amended the Land Zoning Map to rezone the site from SP2 Infrastructure (Church) to R2 Low Density Residential;
  • Amended the Height of Buildings Map to include a maximum height limit of 9m;
  • Amended the Floor Space Ratio Map to include a maximum FSR of 1:1;
  • Amended the Lot Size Map to include a minimum lot size of 450m2; and
  • Amended Schedule 1 (Additional Permitted Uses) to permit with development consent office premises, and restaurant or café.
12 and 14 Pindari Road, Peakhurst Heights Made 1 February 2019


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