Venue Hire Grants

Community organisations may be granted full or partial subsidy of Council venues through the Venue Hire Grants program. Council venues that are eligible under this program include all community facilities that are bookable, such as community centres, performance venues,  sporting venues and library rooms.

How to Apply

Please read the Program Guidelines for more details about the program. Community organisation representatives are encouraged to contact Council's Grants Officer for more information about the program and to discuss their application. 

After reading the Program Guidelines please complete the online Application Form

Please note: This form cannot be saved online so we recommend you complete all your responses in your own document first and gather the required supporting documentation. Once ready to submit you can then copy/paste all your responses and upload supporting materials at once. Each field allows a certain number of characters, and these character counts include spaces, so please allow for this when preparing your responses.

For further information please refer to the Grants, Donations and Sponsorship Policy. Please note that If you wish to discuss your application, please contact Council’s Community Development Officer – Grants on 9330 6400.

How to improve your application

Did you know that Council offers detailed information about the make-up of our local community, right at your fingertips? Our community profile provides information about the demographics of the suburbs within the Georges River area, including data about our population, age, ethnicity, languages spoken at home, accessibility needs, and so much more. You can use this information to help support your grant application, to better demonstrate community need and benefit of your program or activity.

Financial Reporting Requirements

Please note there are new financial reporting requirements for recipients of Council funding. Please view the New Financial Reporting page for details.

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