Development Contributions and Voluntary Planning Agreements
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Development contributions are payments or the provision of works by developers for community facilities and services such as sports fields, parks, traffic management facilities and community centres. These contributions help provide and improve community amenities and services. In addition to developer contributions, a developer may enter into a Planning Agreement with Council to provide a public benefit.

s7.11 Developer Contributions – s7.11 Contributions are applied to developments of a certain type in a specific area in the Georges River Local Government area, under a particular plan. They are to assist in the provision of infrastructure for these specified areas. Georges River currently has 7 of these plans in place which set out the specific areas, the types of development that the plan applies to, and contributions amounts to be levied.

s7.12 Developer Contributions - If your development is not affected by s7.11 contributions, they will be affected by s7.12 contributions if the cost of development exceeds $100,000.  s7.12 Contributions apply across the whole of the Georges River LGA as a percentage of the cost of a development. They are to assist in the provision of infrastructure across the Local Government Area in line with demand for public services and infrastructure.

s7.13 Developer Contributions – In certain circumstances, a consent authority other than Council may require contributions that are imposed under s7.11/12, or in addition to those imposed under s7.11/12. An example of this is the Land and Environment Court imposing additional contributions as part of an appeal or mediation of a Development Application.

Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA) – Voluntary Planning Agreements are entered into by a Planning Authority and a Developer who has sought to change planning controls through a Planning Proposal application, or has made a Development Application. Planning Agreements are for a public benefit in relation to the Application and may operate in addition to or exempt s7.11/7.12 Developer Contributions depending on their nature.

The Environmental Planning and Assesment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) and Environment Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 sets out how the development contributions system works in NSW. The development contributions are levied under section 7.11, section 7.12 and section 7.13 of the EP&A Act.



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