Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund Policy

The purpose of the Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund is to provide a framework which enables Councillors to provide financial support to individuals, community groups or for the provision of minor capital works. Funding allocations identified through the Fund must benefit residents of Georges River Local Government Area (LGA).

To be eligible Community Groups are required to have relevant and appropriate business/not-for-profit registration and have objectives and values (including those of any parent companies and subsidiaries) that are consistent with the objectives and values of Council. Information will be required to be provided regarding their membership base.

Community Groups will be required to include in their application demonstrated proof of their financial need, details of how the funds will be expended and the purpose for which the funds will be utilised.

To be eligible, individuals must be seeking funding to defray the costs of participation in an elite level sporting tournament, artistic or cultural event at a State, National or International level.

More information about the fund is outlined in the Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund policy.

The recipients of the Fund are available to be viewed on the Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund Register.

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