Aquatic Centres

The Georges River area is home to three aquatic centres, which offer a range of aquatic activities from toddler swimming lessons to fitness training.
All aquatic centres have qualified staff on duty, disabled access and full kiosk facilities.

Sans Souci Leisure Centre Updgrade

Refurbishment of the Sans Souci Leisure Centre commenced in April 2018 to improve the 50-metre outdoor swimming pool and toddler pool, including repairs, re-waterproofing and new tiling. Additional works to the facility include modification and repairs to the plant room building and roof, repairs and upgrades to items within the plant room, and a new amenities area. The new plant room will also incorporate new on-deck showers, change rooms and amenities which will make the centre a much more contemporary, comfortable and user-friendly facility.

Council will provide regular updates to members of the community on the progress of the works and when the 50-metre outdoor swimming pool and toddler pool are expected to reopen in September 2018. The indoor 25-metre pool and the gym will remain open while the works take place.

Carss Park pool
Hurstville Aquatic Centre
Sans Souci Leisure Centre


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