Codes, Policies and Registers

For codes and policies which are on exhibition, please visit our Public Notices and Public Exhibitions page.

To view current Georges River Council Strategies and Plans, please visit our Council Strategies page.



As a new Council, many codes and policies are currently being developed. If a policy is not listed above, Council is operating under the policy of the former Kogarah City or Hurstville City Council.



Council is required to keep a number of public registers which are listed below.

Section 25 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA Act) requires agencies to keep a disclosure log as part of their mandatory open access information. The disclosure log publishes details of information released in response to access applications that Council considers may be of interest to other members of the public.

To obtain a copy of the documents issued, please contact Council’s Customer Service Team on (02) 9330 6400 or alternatively email

Gifts and Benefits Register

As stated in Georges River Council’s Code of Conduct, Part 5, Council has an overriding principle that “thanks is enough thanks” for a job well done in the course of a Council official’s service to our community.  This principle is important in establishing a culture of polite non acceptance of all forms of gifts, by all Council officials. Council acknowledges that there may be occasions where a gift cannot be declined, due to strong cultural influences, without causing offence.

All offers of gifts must be declared in writing and details of the offer will be recorded in Council’s Gifts and Benefits Registers as detailed below:  

Councillor Expenses

The Mayor and Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy advises that all claims and payments to each Councillor, made under this Policy, will be published on Council’s website on a quarterly basis, following review by Council’s Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.

Click here for a summary of claims and payments for each Councillor for the quarter April –June 2018.
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