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Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool (Carss Park Pool)

Know the facts

The following fact sheets clarify the facts about the Kogarah War Memorial Pool.

Kogarah War Memorial Pool Fact Sheet 1 - History of the site

Kogarah War Memorial Pool Fact Sheet 2 - History of the pool

Kogarah War Memorial Pool Fact Sheet 3 - Recent decisions

Kogarah War Memorial Pool Fact Sheet 4 - Contamination at Kogarah War Memorial Pool and Carss Park

Since its closure in July 2019, due to structural instability and associated environmental impacts, the Kogarah War Memorial Pool site (the Pool) has become a safety and security concern for Council due to unauthorised entry into the closed site.
Council’s Insurers, Risk Assessors and Lawyers have identified significant risks due to unauthorised access within a drained and contaminated pool site. A number of immediate controls have been implemented to minimise this risk including:

  • additional fencing around the pool complex, including within the site around the pool;
  • additional signage identifying site closure and risks; and
  • monitoring of the potential for ingress of hazardous ground gases into the Council owned buildings within Carss Park Flats.
 These risk minimisation measures are short-term measures. A longer-term risk minimisation plan includes:
  • the demolition of the pool and complete remediation works, approved by the Site Auditor, as soon as practicable following the development consent being granted and other necessary approvals being obtained as resolved by Council on 25 May 2020 and;
  • long term monitoring of Carss Park Flats for ground gas and ground water contamination.

A Development Application(DA2020/0405) for the demolition of existing pool and ancillary structures, remediation of contaminated land, earthworks and associated landscaping works including a memorial wall has been lodged on behalf of Council.
The application is integrated development and will be determined by the Sydney South Planning Panel.
Once the application is approved, Council will seek to appoint contractors to complete the demolition, remediation works and open space works.
During, and following work completion, the external Site Auditor will undertake necessary assessments/audits of the remediation work to validate that the work meets the requirements of the Remediation Action Plan. Once satisfied, a Site Audit Statement will be provided, certifying the remediation work and Long-term Environmental Management Plan for the site.  This will ensure the safety of the community and environment.
Council has also commenced consultation with NSW EPA and qualified contamination consultants to develop a monitoring program for Carss Park Flats, associated with Council's duty to report contamination under s60 of the Contaminated Land Management Act (1997). This monitoring program will not influence the Development Application for the site, and will be undertaken over a 12 month period to ensure an appropriate assessment of site contamination at Carss Park Flats is undertaken.
Council continues to monitor the site on an ongoing basis to minimise any further risk until more substantial, long-term risk mitigation can be undertaken.

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