How Rates are Calculated

Rates are calculated based on the land value of your property as supplied by the NSW Government Land and Property Information.  

Land value 

The land value of your property does not include the value of your home. If you own a strata title property, the land value of the entire site is divided by the unit entitlement (listed on your strata plan), to ascertain the land value for each unit.


Rate in the dollar is a formula, based on land value and usage, which is reviewed by Council each year. The 2016 - 2017 rate in the dollar for each type of land is:

Rating Structure for 2016/2017 

If you formerly paid rates to Kogarah City Council, the following rating structure applies: If you formerly paid rates to Hurstville City Council, the following rating structure applies: 
Residential rate 0.00198 cents Residential rate 0.0024046 cents
Business rate 0.0042095 cents Business rate 0.0050285 cents
Commercial rate 0.0049 cents Minimum rates $535.34 
Industrial rate 0.0055 cents Domestic waste annual service charge $390.00
Minimum rates $883.59 Additional domestic garbage annual service $255.00
Domestic waste annual service charge $446.68 Additional domestic recycling annual service $82.00
Family waste annual service $121.16 Additional domestic green recycling annual service $148.00
Additional recycling annual $99.32 Stormwater management charge: $12.50/residential unit, $25/residential property, $25/350 square meters  or part thereof for a business property
Additional Green annual $131.04  
Permanent or semi-permanent Vacant Land availability charge $298.48  
Boarding House annual $223.00  
Stormwater management charge: $12.50/residential strata; $25 non-strata residential property; $25 for every 350 square meters, or part thereof for a non-residential property; $12.50*350m2/unit area with a minimum of $5.00




If you are not satisfied with the category given to your property, you may apply to Council for the category to be reviewed. If you disagree with the review, you can also appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days of receiving Council’s reviewed decision.

If you do not agree with your land value, you must contact Land and Property Information within 60 days.

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