Repair Café Workshops


Council’s Waste Team is excited to offer FREE repair workshops over the course of 2019. The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre will be delivering these workshops with the  Time will be taken to explain the repair process to each participant, helping them learn new skills and understand the benefits of repairing and reusing.

Small Electrical Repair- From lamps to stereo equipment, vintage desk fans and radios to remote control cars, the electrical technicians have fixed them all. Sometimes a simple re-soldering of a join or replacing a dodgy plug is all that’s needed to get those electrical goods working again.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance- A quick tune-up of the gears, patching a puncture or realigning the wheels – it’s all part of this workshop.

Timber Furniture Repair- The woodworkers explain the process of fixing items to show how simple it can be to restore them to being functional furniture.






Saturday 25 May 2019

Small Electricals


PJ Ferry Community Hall

Saturday 24 August 2019



Kogarah School of Arts

Wednesday 25 September  2019

Small Electricals


Carss Park Eco Shed

Tuesday 19 November  2019

Timber Furniture


Kingsgrove Community Centre



We live in an increasingly wasteful society. Sometimes we can be too quick to dispose of household items that could be made good as new with a little tender loving care, or an expert hand! Give your household items a second chance, save them from landfill and save yourself some money by repairing instead of replacing!


All members of the general public are invited to attend these workshops.
Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 10 people, so hurry and reserve your spot today by contacting Council on 9330 6400  or

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