Kerbside Clean Up Collection

Properties in the Georges River area are offered two kerbside clean up collections each year.

Residents living in Peakhurst, Mortdale and Hurstville Wards are required to book a kerbside clean up collection for their property (two per property each calendar year).

Residents living in Blakehurst and Kogarah Bay Wards can access a pre-scheduled kerbside clean up collection for their property (two per property per calendar year).

Residents of Peakhurst, Mortdale and Hurstville Wards

To organise a kerbside clean up collection for your property, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390 to pre-book your clean up. Please note: in some circumstances you may be required to wait up to four weeks for the scheduled collection date .

  2. Place the items on the kerbside the night before the scheduled collection date.

  3. Collection will occur on the scheduled collection date. This may occur early in the morning of the scheduled collection date, so please ensure your collection items are placed on the kerbside on the night prior. Your kerbside service is for your property only, therefore it is unlawful to place items outside another persons property.

  4. Houses, villas or town houses with 5 or fewer dwellings are entitled to two kerbside clean up collection per property per calendar year.

  5. Unit complexes consisting of 6 or more dwellings must contact their strata or body corporate to organise a kerbside clean up collection with Council. Unit complexes are entitled to have two kerbside clean-up collections per calendar year, per block.


Residents of Blakehurst and Kogarah Bay Wards

To learn of the date of the pre-scheduled kerbside clean up collection for your property, follow these steps:

  1. Clean-up dates for residents of Blakehurst and Kogarah Bay wards are available by viewing neighbourhood map shown below.

    Neighbourhood Maps
  2. Click on the Address Search on the tab located on the lower left hand area of the Neighbourhood Maps screen and insert your address.  

  3. The Kerbside Clean Up date will be shown on the right hand side panel of the neighbourhood maps screen.

Once you have established the date of the your Kerbside Clean Up date, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Collection of items may occur any day during the week scheduled for collection.

  2. Please place mattresses out in a separate pile as these are collected separately to the clean up. This will assist the contractors to gain easy access to the clean up items and the mattresses.

Place the material to be collected in front of your property only when you have a clean up scheduled. Please note: that placing materials in front of your property when a clean up collection is not scheduled can attract a fine of up to $2,000.

What can be placed out for kerbside collection

To learn more about what are acceptable items and other kerbside collection information please see the Kerbside Clean Up Collection Service brochure.

Hazardous material will not be collected in the clean up service . Further information on the disposal of hazardous material disposal is outlined on the Illegal dumping and asbestos removal web page.

Illegal Dumping Information

Visit our illegal dumping page to learn more properly disposing of waste.



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