Green (Garden) waste drop off and mulching service
Council is commencing a new program called the Mulch and Compost Giveaway and will offer mulch and bags of compost which Australian Standards to residents. The Mulch and Compost Giveaway dates and locations will be published on this website soon. This program will allow Council to comply with NSW EPA Mulch Order 2016 and the Mulch Exemption 2016.
The development of this program followed Council's receipt of notification from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) that the former Green Waste Drop Off was required to comply with the NSW EPA Mulch Order 2016 and the Mulch Exemption 2016.  The Mulch Order 2016 applies to unpasteurised/raw mulch and states that the source of the plant material must have minimal physical and/or chemical contaminants and does not include material obtained from kerbside waste collection.
To comply with the NSW EPA Mulch Order 2016 and the Mulch Exemption 2016 Council can no longer accept residents green waste materials as previously available under the Green Waste Drop Off service.
Residents are encouraged to use either Council's kerbside green waste bin or the twice yearly clean up service to dispose of green waste. The product collected through this service is taken to a commercial green waste processing facility where it is properly processed and recycled.
Please keep an eye on this page for further dates and locations for the new Mulch and Compost Give-away.


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