Green (Garden) waste drop off and mulching service
If you have excess green (garden) waste which will not fit in your Green lidded bin, you can take advantage of Council's free green waste drop off service, which is held regularly through spring and summer at our Mortdale Depot.

In addition to accepting green waste for disposal, residents of Georges River Council area are also able to collect mulch or wood chips, free of charge, from this service when they drop off their green waste.

Please note: This service is not available during Council's Christmas shut down period, Public Holidays, Chemical Collection events, or at Council's discretion.


Green (Garden) Waste drop off service

Accepted items

Unaccepted items

Branches, flowers, grass, plants, shrubs and tree trimmings Commercial, demolition and building waste, fence pailings and structural timber, household garbage and tree stumps.

Mulching service

This service is free to residents and can be used as many times as required. Please note: you will be required to self  load the free mulch into your vehicle, so bring along a shovel and bags. All loads must be covered before leaving the site.

Before pruning or removing trees on private land, you must obtain a Tree Management Permit

Accepted items

Unaccepted items

Branches less than 35cm (350mm) in diameter, larger than one metre in length that can be safely handled by two people. Bamboo, cactus, fence palings or structural timber, noxious weeds (for example: Privet, Lantana and Oleander), palm fronds and trunks, spiky or thorny material, succulents including banana trees.

Green (Garden) Waste Drop Off Service Dates

This service is now closed. New dates will be announced in the Spring of 2019.

Location: Mortdale Works Depot
Entry via Roberts Avenue, Mortdale


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