Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools
There are a number of public swimming pool and spa pools located within Georges River Council.  These pools are inspected by Council’s Environmental Health Officers to ensure compliance with Public Health legislation.  


Public Health Regulation 2012 cl 19 requires all public swimming pools or spa pools to be registered with their local government authority.  
Public swimming pools or spa pools include:
  1. A pool to which the public is admitted as an entitlement of membership of a club, or
  2. A pool provided at a workplace for the use of employees, or
  3. A pool provided at a hotel, motel or guest house or at a holiday units, or similar facility, for the use of guests, or
  4. A pool provided at a school or hospital, or
  5. A pool situated at private residential premises, but only if that pool is used for commercial purposes.  
If you own or run a public swimming pool or spa pool within Georges River council, you can notify us using our online form.


The NSW Health has provided factsheets, posters and contamination response plans for public swimming pools and spa pools.  For more information, visit NSW Health

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