Skin Penetraton Premises

What is a Skin Penetration Premises?

A skin penetration procedure can include any of the following, but excludes services carried out in the practice by a registered health professional:

  • hair removal (waxing or electrolysis)

  • tattooing (full body or cosmetic)

  • ear and body piercing

  • microdermabrasion

  • nail treatments (manicure, pedicure, cuticle cutting)

  • micro-blading

  • dry needling

  • body modification

  • colonic lavage

  • any other services that involve skin penetration (e.g. beauty treatment that involves the deliberate removal of skin)

Please note: laser hair removals, massage parlours, hairdressers and barbers that do not penetrate skin are not considered skin penetration premises.
Acupuncturists registered with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia do not fall under the Public Health legislation.   



Public Health Regulation 2012 cl 31 requires all businesses (including mobile businesses) that undertake skin penetration procedures to notify their local Council. 
If you conduct skin penetration within Georges River Council area, have taken over a skin penetration premises or your details have changed, you must notify Council.   Notification can be made using our online form


Inspection and Regulations

Council’s Environmental Health Officers carry out unannounced random inspections of skin penetration premises at least once within each financial year.  Additional inspections are also carried out to conduct complaint-based investigations.
Inspections are conducted to:

  • Ensure skin penetration premises achieve compliance with Public Health legislation.

  • Enhance and maintain public health standards among skin penetration premises across the Georges River Council area.

  • Educate and inform skin penetration operators on best practices to minimise public health risks and the transmissions of infectious diseases. 

The following are assessed for compliance during an inspection:

  • That the premises is registered with Council

  • Cleanliness of premises and equipment

  • Hand-washing and equipment-cleaning facilities

  • Waste and sharps disposals

  • Items used for skin penetration are either disposable or sterilised

  • Needles and sharps are properly used and appropriately disposed

  • Sterilisation is carried out using an autoclave and in accordance with Australian Standards (e.g. AS/NZS 4815:2006)

  • Annual servicing of steriliser and relevant documented records

  • Gloves and protective equipment are used

  • Appropriate chemicals are used for cleaning and disinfecting of instruments 

Reinspections are required to ensure compliance with above mentioned legislative requirements. Appointments for inspection can only be arranged under certain circumstances.



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