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Conditions of Entry

The Conditions of Entry to Netstrata Jubilee Stadium outlined on this page are designed to ensure the safety of our patrons, competitors and staff.

These Conditions of Entry should be read in conjuction with the conditions of sale appearing on each event ticket or membership card. 

Smoking on the premises is not permitted. Pass outs are available and must be presented with the patron’s original purchased ticket on re-entry to the Venue, through the gate marked on the ticket. Pass-outs are available until 20 minutes prior to the advertised game completion time.

Some sporting and other activities are dangerous. Patrons viewing such activities do so at their own risk.

By purchasing a ticket to attend Netstrata Jubilee Stadium (membership or match day ticketing) you are consenting to your image to be used for promotional material.

Prohibited items

  • Illegal substances/illicit drugs or alcohol of any form
  • Cans, glass bottles, breakable containers, unsealed beverages of any kind
  • Commercial fast foods (food from recognisable food outlets with a registered trademark/known as ‘fast food’. This could include but is not limited to: McDonald’s, KFC, Red Rooster, Subway, fish and chips, sushi)
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles
  • Recording devices for commercial purposes, including any lenses over 200mm
  • Flares, fireworks and explosives or missiles of any description, e.g. balls, frisbees, register rolls, streamers, confetti
  • Flags or banners over the following dimensions: 1.5m x 1m with flagpoles over 1.4m. All flags and banners must be pre-registered and approved
  • Selfie sticks
  • Weapons, knives or imitation weapons, laser pointers, aerosol air horns, musical instruments or whistles
  • Coolers/eskies larger than 30cm L x 20cm W x 35cm H
Conditions of Entry - Graphic

Permitted items

  • Sealed plastic bottles
  • Home-made food, such as sandwiches, wraps, baby food
  • Umbrellas (provided they do not obstruct other patrons’ views)
  • Folding chairs/seats for the general admission hills (Please note: The general admission hill areas may be enforced as a “Standing Area Only” when capacity is reached at which time chairs of any kind will not be permitted)


Due to safety reasons, prams and strollers are not permitted into seating areas and cannot be kept in aisles or other open areas which may impact the safe passage of patrons. Prams and strollers must be stowed under seats in such a manner that they do not create a trip hazard to patrons moving between seats.

Prams left inside gates by patrons are not monitored by staff.




- You acknowledge that, despite the current control and capacity measures currently in place, there remains an unquantifiable risk of transmission of a viral illness including COVID-19 at any event. 

- By proceeding with the purchase of your ticket/s to the event, you have considered your own personal circumstances including any health conditions which may increase your risk of contracting COVID-19, and you have assessed the potential health risk to you and any persons who attend the event with you.

- By agreeing to purchase this ticket, you accept any liability and inherent risk related to COVID-19 and you acknowledge that COVID-19 can have serious health consequences. By attending this event you (and any persons who attend the event with you) acknowledge and accept these risks. 


- In accordance with the Government health requirements in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all persons entering Netstrata Jubilee Stadium will be subject to the following (depending on the current status of the government health requirements which will change from time to time):

  • The requirement for each person to provide a name, mobile phone number and email address to be used for COVID-19 tracing and follow up purposes only; and 
  • The requirement to provide a declaration regarding certain matters relating to COVID-19

- Please stay home if you have had a test and waiting for results, feeling unwell, have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days, have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, or have attended one of the following locations during the dates detailed by the NSW Government (link: 

- All persons entering Netstrata Jubilee Stadium are advised to adhere to these additional venue restrictions:

  • All patrons are required to produce a valid driver’s license upon request of security staff to verify that they do not reside in a listed COVID-19 Hotspot
  • The Stadium reserves the right to refuse entry to the venue for any patron who refuses to produce a valid license upon request. 
  • Head straight to your specified section and row – try not to linger, and move to the side if you need to stop.
  • Follow signage and directions of all Venue, Security and Customer Service staff, as well as club officials, they are there to keep you safe.
  • Only sit in the allocated seated area shown on your ticket.
  • All patrons ticketed to the Eastern and Southern Hills sections are not permitted to stand during the event and will be required to be seated on the hill at all times. 
  • In the event of wet weather you will need to remain in your allocated row – seat changes cannot be accommodated
  • Avoid unnecessary contact i.e. shaking hands, hugging, etc.;
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5m from others;
  • Practice good hand hygiene 
  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Food and beverages can be purchased via cashless payment methods only and MUST be consumed at your seat.
  • No cloaking facilities available. Do not bring bulky items.
  • Immediately notify a stadium contact if the begin to feel ill, or are developing and COVID-19 symptoms (including fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, runny nose, muscle pain, nausea/vomiting, diarrhoea) whilst on site. 

Conditions of Entry may vary between events, subject to the event.

Full Conditions of Entry into Netstrata Jubilee Stadium are outlined on the Netstrata Jubilee Stadium Conditions of Entry fact sheet.

Specific Conditions for the FFA and NRL can be found below: 

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