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Hairdressers and Barbers
Hairdressers and barbers do not carry out procedures that deliberately penetrate the skin. However, some procedures can damage the skin and knowledge about infection control and minimum hygiene standards is necessary to keep both clients and hairdressers safe from infection.


Development Requirements

Prior to constructing or altering an existing commercial premises to start a hairdressing salon or barbershop, speak to our duty planner to determine if a Development Application is required. Prior to conducting any fitout work on the premises, confirm with Council the minimum requirements.
If you are proposing to operate a home hairdressing business, speak to our Duty Planner to determine permissibility and if an application is required.

Construction and Fit Out

The premises must be structurally adequate for the provision of hairdressing or barber services. These include:
Floors and Walls The floors and walls in all operational areas must be constructed of material that is durable, smooth, impervious to moisture and able to be easily cleaned. The walls adjacent to basins and sinks should be tiled or similar to protect the area from excessive moisture.
Hair Wash Basins The temperature of the hot water available at the hair wash basin is to be limited to not more than 45 degrees celsius. A thermostatic mixing value may be installed or alternatively, a hotwater tempering device may be permitted. Please contact Sydney Water for advice.

Backflow prevention devices are required to be installed at the hair wash basin and these must comply with Australian Standard 3500 – Plumbing and Drainage.
Hand Wash Basins A separate hand wash basin is to be provided in addition to the hair wash basins and utility sinks. More than one may be required depending on the size of the salon.

An adequate supply of liquid soap and single use hand towels are to be provided adjacent to each hand wash basin.
Storage Facilities The premises should be provided with adequate storage facilities for the storage of equipment, appliances, utensils and operational supplies.
Provision of Food or Beverages The provision of food and beverage, as part of the services you provide, may require the approval of Council. In addition, all food and beverages that are provided to clients are required to be stored and handled in accordance with the Food Act 2003 (as amended) and the Food Standards Code.

Hygiene Requirements

Infections can occur where:
  • Materials that come into contact with clients are not clean or are not handled or used hygienically.
  • Correct hygiene practices are not observed by staff.
  • The premises, fixtures and furnishings are not kept clean and in good repair.
The operator must ensure that all staff are aware of good hygiene practices and that the premises is maintained in a neat and clean manner at all times.
NSW Health provides further information on hygiene standards for hairdressing and barbers.

Cleaning of Instruments and Equipment

All equipment including combs, rollers scissors and clippers, should be cleaned between clients and maintained in a clean and dry condition. Protective cloaks and other similar items must be changed for each client.

Waste Disposal

Hairdressers and barber premises must be equipped with appropriate waste and recycling facilities suitable for the operation of the business. All general waste, such as paper towels, should be bagged and put in a suitable bin as soon as possible.

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