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Bushcare Volunteering

The 2022 Bushcare Events brochure provides information to all community members on Council’s bushland and bush regeneration events throughout the year.

All residents are encouraged to participate and learn about the resilient bushland across the Local Government Area and what we can do to protect and enhance it.

Please keep checking our Whats On Events page for upcoming events.

Bushcare volunteers

Becoming a Bushcare volunteer is a rewarding pursuit. You can help protect native flora and fauna by increasing the biodiversity values of Councils bushland reserves.

If you are interested in caring for local bushland, find out how you can get involved with one of our Bushcare Groups. To register your interest, complete the Bushcare volunteer form.

Additional information on local bushcare volunteering opportunities can be found on the Georges River Council Bushcare Volunteers Facebook page.

View the map to learn which sites are managed by our bushcare volunteers.

Please view the GRC Bushcare Guidelines for more detailed information.

If you would like further information, please contact the bushcare team at

Bushcare Corporate Program

Georges River Council's Bushcare Corporate Program fosters partnerships between the community, government and business to better manage Council's natural assets. 

Corporate volunteers are placed at project sites to participate in an environmental activity. This may include planting native species, removing weeds from bushland or cleaning up beaches, foreshores and reserves across the LGA. 

Corporate groups find this kind of program to be a good opportunity to raise community awareness of local environmental issues. It improves employee engagement by being part of something that is more than the work they undertake. Corporate volunteers will leave their Bushcare volunteering day with a better understanding of local biodiversity and environmental issues impacting our bushland reserves. 

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