Flora and Fauna

Undertaking a Council wide Biodiversity Study of key reserves and bushland areas helps us to identify areas supporting biodiversity of high conservation significance. This information can indicate areas we need to prioritise, potential risks and threats these areas face and the effectiveness of our current management practices.

This information can also assist in the development of planning and management for threatened species identified under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 and Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

As biodiversity studies are completed we will be adding this information to Council's website. Documents of this nature are available for both former Council’s. Please contact Council’s Coordinator Sustainability and Waste on 9330 6400 to discuss access to this information.

Domestic animals


Dogs as pets bring many comforts as well as many responsibilities. The majority of dog owners in our local government area are responsible owners up to date with the legal requirements under the Companion Animals Act 1998

If you are a new dog owner, you need to ensure you keep your dog well fed, exercised, vaccinated and clean so as not to spread health risks such as lice to other animals or people.

Dogs in public must always be restrained on a leash except when in a designated off-leash area. Current off-leash areas are signposted in the following reserves:

  • Arrowsmith Park, Penshurst
  • Carss Bush Park, Carss Park
  • Gannons Park, Peakhurst
  • H.V. Evatt Park, Lugarno (restrictions apply)
  • Hogben Park, Kogarah
  • Kogarah Park, Kogarah
  • Moore Park, Beverley Park
  • Moore Reserve, Oatley
  • Riverwood Park, Riverwood.
View a complete list of Council's park and recreation facilities here.


Domestic cats are terrific companions. While there are many responsible cat owners in our area, some cats are permitted to roam freely into our local bushland, other people’s yards or public land. These animals can devastate our native wildlife and even get themselves injured or killed by crossing roads. If you own a cat, Council supports keeping it indoors or preventing it from leaving its yard as this will help keep it safe and avoid further damage to our native animals.


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