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Development Application: Place of Worship (Mosque) 90-92 Botany Street Carlton

Consultation via webinar on DA2019/0644

In December 2019, Council received a Development Application (DA2019/0644) seeking approval to convert an existing building to a Place of Public Worship (Mosque) at 90-92 Botany Street, Carlton.

Due to significant community interest in relation to this DA, the applicant Hurstville Community Centre Incorporated informed Council that they sought to engage with the local community and interested parties to hear and address concerns relating to the proposal.

Elton Consulting, on behalf of the applicant, hosted a webinar on Saturday 16 May 2020.

All enquiries concerning this webinar are to be directed to the Elton Community Engagement team on 1800 031 622 (Monday - Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm) or at .

For more information about the ongoing statutory assessment process being carried out by Georges River Council, review the further details outlined below.

Council is aware the recent lodgment of a Development Application for a Place of Public Worship is generating significant public interest.  To provide some clarity around the general process and procedure associated with the assessment of this application, Council provides the following:

Development Application: DA2019/0644 for demolition works, alterations to existing building, change of use from nursing home to place of public worship (Mosque) and associated works at 90-92 Botany Street Carlton was lodged with Council on 20 December 2019:

  • Development Applications are lodged, assessed and determined under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 

  • As with all applications, this proposal has been publicly exhibited in accordance with Council’s Development Control Plan and Community Engagement Plan between 29/01/2020 to 26/02/2020. However, Council will accept any submission lodged after the expiry of the exhibition period up to the publication of the finalised assessment report.

  • The application will be assessed on its merits, having regard to: 

    • The applicable planning controls including State Environmental Planning Policies, Council’s Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan.

    • The suitability of the site for the proposed development.

    • The likely impacts of the development may have on both the natural and built environments, the social and economic impacts in the locality and the amenity impacts on neighbouring properties; and

    • Any community submissions. 

  • As part of the assessment process, additional information from the Applicant maybe requested by Council where clarification of the proposal is sought or where information is required to address any matters identified during the assessment process. 
    In circumstances where additional information is provided by the Applicant, in accordance with Council’s notification requirements, this will only be formally re-notified where the information or revision will result in significant increased environmental impacts compared to the application as originally proposed, this will be determined by the assessment staff at the time.

  • Following the completion of the applications assessment, a report will be prepared and forward to the Consent Authority for determination. 

  • In this instance unless the application is appealed to the Land & Environment Court of NSW by the Applicant, this application will be considered and determined by the Georges River Local Planning Panel.

    Please be advised, that Elected Councillors will not be considering the application as in March 2018, the NSW State Government changed the NSW Planning legislation. Elected Councillors now have no direct involvement in determining Development Applications and are unable to instruct or direct staff in relation to these matters. 

  • Once the above detailed report has been completed by Council and the application has been scheduled for consideration by the Local Planning Panel, the report will be published on Council’s website for public review one (1) week prior to the meeting. All head petitioners and those who have made individual submissions will be invited to attend the Local Planning Panel meeting and advised on how they can register to address the Panel at the meeting.  

  • On the day of the meeting the Panel will view the site, then return to the meeting location for its public meeting. Once all parties registered to speak are heard, the Planning Panel will enter into closed session discussions between each other, at which time the Panel will make its determination. 

  • The Planning Panel may determine the application by way of approval subject to conditions, refusal subject to specific reasons or the Panel may defer the application to enable additional material or amendments to the proposal to be provided. 

  • The determination of the Planning Panel, and the reasons for the decision, will be published on Council's website and available the day following the meeting.   
  • Further details of the application can be viewed on the Georges River online application system

If you wish to formally comment on, or object to a Development Application, you can make a submission to Council. Further detail on how to make a submission is outlined in the online Submission on Development Application Form page.


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