Prepare your Development Application

To lodge a Development Application, you must complete and submit a Development Application Form.

Please note: if your application is for a property in the Hurstville, Mortdale or Peakhurst Wards, we will only accept electronic applications.


A full schedule of Council fees and charges can be viewed online. In addition to the Development Application fee, further costs may include a neighbour notification or advertising fee, an archiving fee and a fee to place a Development Application notice on site.

Please contact us for further information on fees and charges.

Development Cost

The Sydney South Planning Panel is the consent authority for regionally significant developments that have a capital investment value of more than $20 million.

The Panel will also approve: 

  • Council or Crown developments that have a capital investment over $5 million

  • Eco-tourism facilities that have a capital investment over $5 million

  • Particular designated developments

  • Private infrastructure and community facilities that have a capital investment over $5 million.

Council will receive, notify and assess these Development Applications and an assessment report with recommendations will be provided to the Planning Panel for determination.


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