Modifying an Existing Development Application (Section 96 Applications)

Section 96 Applications

If you need to modify a development which has already been approved, you will need to apply for your intended changes to be approved.

If you would like to make a minor change to the development, please complete a Modification of Development Approval Application ensuring you consult the checklist in this application form.  

Refused Applications

If you are dissatisfied with a determination made on a modification request, you may apply for a review under Section 96AB of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. To apply for a review, please complete the Review of Determination Application Form and submit it along with the following information:

  • A written justification outlining why Council should review and change its determination

  • ​Supporting documentation

  • Amended plans which comply with Council's planning requirements or overcome conditions which the applicant is seeking to review.


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