Development Application (DA) Lodgement Service

What is the DA lodgement service?

What are the submission requirements?

What happens at a DA lodgement service interview?

When are lodgement interviews available?

How do I book a lodgement interview?​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this service​

Fact Sheet

What is the DA lodgement service?

Our DA Lodgement Service is great for customers who are ready to lodge their Development Application.  This is a free, appointment based service provides the customer with an opportunity to have their DA documentation reviewed prior to formal lodgement.

What are the submission requirements?

Customers are required to bring everything listed on the DA Checklist to the appointment including but not limited to:

  • all required plans
  • a Statement of Environmental Effects
  • all required specialist reports
  • all owners consent
  • required Development Application Fees
  • Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement (if required)

What happens at a DA lodgement service interview?

Customers will be allocated a 45 minute interview time to have their application reviewed by a Development Advisory Officer against the DA Checklist.

If the application is considered complete, the customer will be encouraged to lodge their development application with Council.

Should the Council officer consider the application to be incomplete, the application will not be lodged and the customer will be provided with a list of outstanding information that must be addressed prior to lodgement.

In the event that customers insist on lodging an incomplete DA it will be rejected and fees refunded.

When are lodgement interviews available?

Appointments for DA Lodgement appointments can be made via the online booking system.

45 Minute appointments are available between 2pm to 5pm every Tuesday.

How do I book a lodgement interview?

To make an appointment to lodge your DA please use our online booking system

Before you make an appointment for a DA lodgement interview it is important that you have completed the DA check list and made contact with Council’s Duty Planner to ensure your application addresses Council’s planning controls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this service

1. Are DA Lodgement Interviews mandatory?

No, however we would strongly encourage customers to use this free service to identify any missing information early and prevent unnecessary delays after the DA is lodged.

2. Can I book a DA Lodgement Service online?

Yes.  Make a Booking Online now.

3. What if my application is not complete and I insist on lodging it?

Once lodged in Council’s system, the development application will be rejected and fees refunded to the applicant.

4. Will Council still consider accepting my DA if I don’t use this service?

Yes. Council’s Development Advisory Team will still review the application against the DA Checklist prior to formally accepting it.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet - DA Lodgement Service

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