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Place Naming Unnamed Roads in Oatley and Riverwood


Council has unanimously approved names for two unnamed roads, in Oatley and Riverwood, at the Council meeting on Monday 26 September 2022.

There will be a public exhibition of both names for a period of 28 days for community feedback and to notify nearby residents.

Council approved the name “Bubuk Place” for the unnamed road located in Oatley on the west side of the Illawarra Railway and running north from Mimosa Street.

The name “Theatre Lane” was approved for the unnamed road in Riverwood, which runs parallel to Belmore Road between Short Street and Webb Street.

Council officers from the Cultural Engagement and Library Services Team undertook historical research, as well as engagement with Council’s Aboriginal Reference Group, to identify appropriate names, in accordance with the Georges River Place Naming Policy.

Bubuk (pronounced boo-book) is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander word from the Dharawal dialect for the species of owl (Ninox Boobook) that is native to the area.

This name is derived from the distinctive sound of the owl’s call and corresponds with the general priorities of the Georges River Place Naming Policy to select names that represent Aboriginal history, heritage and culture.

The name “Theatre Lane” is derived from the Hearne Bay Melody Theatre which significantly contributed to the development of the character of Hearne Bay (as Riverwood was then known) after World War Two.

The theatre was located adjacent to the unnamed lane, on the corner of Belmore Rd and Webb Street. It opened in 1947 and was known for its popular Saturday matinee program until it closed in 1965.

Mayor Nick Katris said “Thank you to the community members who assisted in the identification of the unnamed roads in Oatley and Riverwood.”

“The chosen names are culturally and historically fitting for these particular areas in Georges River.”
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