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New councillor takes oath of office at extraordinary Council meeting


At the Extraordinary Council Meeting on Monday 26 September 2022, a new councillor took the Oath of Office and joined Georges River Council in the position vacated by former Councillor Warren Tegg on his resignation.
Councillor Ashvini Ambihaipahar was raised, attended school, and is a practising solicitor in the St George area.
She took the Oath last night after being elected via a countback process undertaken by the Australian Electoral Commission.
Mayor Nick Katris said, ‘’I welcome Councillor Ambihaipahar and congratulate her on being elected to represent the Mortdale Ward. Her professionalism, years of study and local knowledge will be a wonderful asset to Council and residents of Georges River.
“It is wonderful that now seven of the 15 Councillors are women, which makes for better representation of our community. She also strengthens the representation of our culturally diverse community on Council.”
Also at the Extraordinary Meeting, Councillor Kathryn Landsberry was re-elected unopposed as Deputy Mayor and will continue in the role until September 2023. The Deputy Mayor is elected by the councillors every year.
At the same Extraordinary Meeting, elections were made for the appointment of councillor representation of Georges River Council Standing Committees.
Councillor Symington retains the chairperson role of the Assets and Infrastructure Committee. Councillor Liu retains the chairperson role of the Community and Culture Committee. Councillor Landsberry retains the chairperson role of the Environment and Planning Committee, and Councillor Borg retains the chairperson role of the Finance and Governance Committee.
The recording of the meeting is available on Council’s website.

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