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King Georges Road Mural project aims to enhance community spaces


The intersection of King Georges Road and Grosvenor Street, South Hurstville will undergo a vibrant facelift with a new public art mural to enhance community spaces within Georges River. 
Created by multidisciplinary artist David Cragg, in collaboration with Woniora Road School students, the King Georges Road Mural project aims to bring the artistic vision of the community to life through colour, art and storytelling.
Georges River Mayor Nick Katris said, “We are happy to see locals contribute to the community by embracing their creativity to create the King Georges Road Mural. Public art is a key initiative for Council and the project paints a picture of our rich culture and diversity.”
Inspired by locally found flora and fauna, the King Georges Road Mural project includes a kookaburra, a wren and two tawny frogmouths upon branches.
The background pattern is a typographic abstraction of nearby sections of the Georges River and the surrounding landscape.
Each colour has been carefully selected; the red hue represents the rich clay in the river valleys, the orange colour symbolises the sandstone outcrops and the green and blue tones embody the sparkling river and remnant forest areas.
Danny Callaghan, Woniora Road School Principal says: “A community arts collaboration such as this King Georges Road Mural project provides the opportunity for students to recognise that they have an individual creative voice that is valid, important and can connect them to the community in which their school is located.”
Woniora Road School provides education for high school age students who have disengaged from their education due to mental health issues. The school aims to reengage students both with their education and the broader community.

Located at the intersection point between King Georges Road and Grosvenor St, South Hurstville. The mural wall is made of concrete blockwork and is approximately 2 metres at its highest point and 15 metres in length.
The King Georges Road Mural project is as part of Georges River Council’s Public Art Policy and Create Georges River Cultural Strategy.

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