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Georges River Council updates its Place Naming Policy


Georges River Council recently adopted amendments to its Place Naming Policy, at the Council meeting on Monday 23 May 2022.

The policy, first adopted by Council on 16 December 2019, describes the conditions for the naming of Council assets, and includes roads, reserves, buildings, places, and other geographical features within Georges River Council’s local government area.
The amendments presented in the policy have been made in accordance with the NSW Geographical Names Board and now provide more clarity for place naming priorities, including naming requests for dual names, such as the inclusion of Aboriginal names to sit alongside existing non-Aboriginal place names, and the application and assessment process to ensure the policy remains consistent with Georges River Council’s values.
Mayor Nick Katris said, “The amendments to Georges River Council’s Place Naming Policy enables Council to make appropriate decisions in upholding the physical, historical, and cultural character of the area.
The amendments also enable Council to honour our area, with names selected to represent the diversity of the region; early settler history, historically significant people, activities, industries, war veterans, and First Nation heritage and culture.”
You can find Georges River Council’s Place Naming Policy here.

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