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Georges River Council brings ‘naturally connected to place, community and Country’ plans to life


At the Council Meeting on Monday 27 June, 2022 Georges River Council unanimously endorsed the Community Strategic Plan (also known as The Plan). Council will now work with the community to implement the strategies, for a better future.

The endorsed Community Strategic Plan incorporates feedback the community shared on the draft plan, including the addition of “cycling” and “aquatic facilities” in two of the goals and strategies:

  • A range of transport options and increased walkability and cycling to connect people, goods and businesses; and
  • Active and passive recreation including aquatic facilities, skate parks and off-road biking opportunities

Georges River Council Mayor, Nick Katris said, “Thank you to everyone who contributed to the review of our Community Strategic Plan and provided feedback on the draft.
“Council is committed to fostering an environment connected to place, community and Country. Our people, businesses and local environment are what makes Georges River a community rich in culture, history and diversity.
“So, I’m encouraging everyone to get involved and represent the community’s ambitions and expectations for the Georges River area.”
To help Council achieve these community goals, residents, businesses and visitors can attend community events or join local community organisations to stay connected with peers.
For more information or to read the full Community Strategic Plan visit: Council Plans and Strategies.

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