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Council calling on residents and businesses to switch to Green Power in Georges River


Georges River Council is encouraging residents and businesses to switch to an accredited 100 per cent GreenPower electricity plan to boost state and local net zero emissions targets.

Georges River Mayor Nick Katris said, “Council has achieved its target to source 100 per cent renewable energy for its operations three years early by procuring 100 per cent renewable energy since 1 July 2022. The GreenPower initiative is an achievable opportunity for residents to source renewable energy to power homes within the Georges River area and make a significant positive difference by cutting emissions.”

“Switching to GreenPower has many benefits for both residents and businesses. It is a great option for those who can’t install rooftop solar and is available to those renting or living in an apartment”.

Unlike many carbon neutral energy plans that purchase carbon offsets equivalent to the emissions related to your electricity use, GreenPower buys and produces renewable energy in Australia – reducing the number of emissions produced at the source.

The initiative to switch to GreenPower can assist businesses achieve a carbon neutral status and improve a NABERS rating. Businesses are able to gain access to the GreenPower logo which demonstrates their commitment to the environment to their customers. GreenPower is also recognised for organisations looking at RE100 or SBTi, GreenStar or B-Corp.

For more information, visit Council’s Greenpower webpage.

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