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A Plan for Georges River for the next 10 years


The Community Strategic Plan, The Plan, is a 10-year plan to guide Georges River Council and all community stakeholders in the delivery of services based on the priorities of the community.

The Plan has been developed by the community with the feedback and suggestions they have made. 

Georges River Council Mayor Nick Katris said, “it’s now time to check what Council have captured on behalf of the community to ensure The Plan reflects our aspirations and expectations in Georges River.

“It is important for residents, businesses, sporting, and service groups to have a look at The Plan and make sure it captures what they want us to work together to achieve. A true Community Strategic Plan is designed and delivered through partnerships and community participation.”

The Plan outlines high levels goals for Georges River like:

Our waterways are healthy and accessible 

  • The community is safe and healthy
  • Georges River area heritage and history is protected
  • Georges River is a 30-minute city
  • Our community is socially and culturally connected, and we strive for social equity.

Some of the outcomes the community want, like greening our area and developing a new library in the Western part of the local government area, are delivered through strong partnerships and the community working together.
To work together we need to have the same agenda and the Plan clearly sets out that agenda for a resilient and liveable Georges River.
This last opportunity for feedback on The Plan closes on 26 May 2022. It will then go the June meeting of Georges River Council.

For more information and to have your say visit Council’s Your Say section of the website.

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