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Telstra outage affecting Customer Service Centre phone lines

Public Notices 09/05/2023

Update (Monday 9 May, 11.40am)

The issue has now been resolved, calls should no longer be affected.

Update (Monday 9 May, 11.40am)

Calls are now able to be made to Council's phone lines when dialling the complete number, including area code.

To contact our Customer Experience Team, please dial 02 9330 6400.

Original Notice (Monday 9 May, 8.30am)

Telstra has advised customers of an outage overnight that has affected Council’s phone lines. As such, community members are unable to reach Council via phone call until the outage is resolved.

Please contact Council via email to until the issue is resolved.

For more information on the Telstra outage please visit Telstra’s outages webpage.