Fox Baiting Information

Public Notices 23/08/2019

Georges River Council in association with Greater Sydney Local Land Services has conducted risk assessments of suitable locations within the LGA to carry out control methods. Oatley Park was assessed as the most suitable site in the LGA for fox baiting.  Only 3 locations within the park have been deemed suitable with only one bait located at each location and all locations will be signposted and not generally easily accessible by the public.
This baiting is part of Council’s integrated Fox Management Action Plan and aims to protect our native fauna as well as minimising the social and economic damage from the European Red Fox.
The 1080 Poison Baits will be buried, tethered, placed and checked daily by appropriately qualified Council staff. During this time, dogs must be kept on leads and firmly controlled within Oatley Park. 1080 Poison may be lethal to dogs and cats. Be mindful that Oatley Park is not an off-leash dog reserve.
In summary,
Carnivores including the following list are extremely susceptible to 1080 poisoning:
•             Foxes
•             Dogs
•             Cats
Rodents extremely susceptible
•             Rats (native and introduced)
•             Mice
Birds and reptiles are resistant
The table below have been produced by Local Land Services to give an indication of the toxicity of 1080 on different animal species
Animal  Average live weight (kg)               Amount of bait (g)for lethal dose
Dog                        20                                           1 Fox bait
Cat                         4                                              1 Fox bait
Fox                         6                                              1 Fox bait
Goanna                3                                              93 Fox baits
Eagle                     3.2                                          10 Fox baits
Humans               70                                           46 Fox baits
If you have any concerns or notice one of the poison notice signs is missing or vandalised, please immediately contact Georges River Council’s Senior Environment Officer on: 9330 6400 or Local Land Service’s Biosecurity Officer on: 0429 072 347.