Planning Proposal and Development Control Plan – Landmark Square Precinct

Public Exhibitions 21/11/2018

Georges River Council exhibited a Planning Proposal to amend the Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 in relation to the Landmark Square Precinct located at 53-75 Forest Road, 108-126 Durham Street & 9 Roberts Lane, Hurstville. The amendments include the following:

  • Rezone the Precinct from IN2 Light Industrial and part R2 Low Density Residential to B4 Mixed Use;
  • Increase the maximum floor space ratio (“FSR”) from 0.6 and 1:1 to 2:1 along Roberts Lane (at a depth of 15m) and up to 3.5:1 for the remainder of the site (including a minimum non-residential FSR of 0.5:1);
  • Increase the maximum building height applying to the site from 9m and 10m to a range of heights being 12m, 15m, 21m, 28m, 30m, 40m and 65m;
  • Apply active street frontages along the Forest Road and Durham Street frontages of the Precinct; and
  • Apply a bonus FSR incentive of 0.5:1 based on the total Precinct site area for the purpose of hotel accommodation only at the corner of Forest Road and Durham Street.
Note: The Planning Proposal retains the existing heritage item at 116 Durham Street, Hurstville (Hurstville Scout Hall).

The intended outcome of the Planning Proposal is to ensure that the light industrial and low density residential zoned site is rezoned to allow for a range of commercial, residential, community and tourism land uses within a mixed use zone. The Planning Proposal will provide employment, housing and tourism opportunities for Hurstville that will benefit from the proximity to the Hurstville City Centre and public transport services.

In accordance with Council’s resolution dated 29 October 2018, Council also exhibited a site specific Development Control Plan (“DCP”) which has been prepared to reflect detailed urban design considerations for the future development of the Landmark Square Precinct to accompany the Planning Proposal. This DCP has been prepared as Amendment No.10 of the Hurstville DCP No.2 and will be inserted into Section 8 – Controls for Specific Sites and Localities as Section 8.2 Landmark Square.

All related documentations are available for viewing below in the Attachments section below.

Additional note: An Offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (“VPA”) was submitted in conjunction with the Planning Proposal to deliver a range of public benefits. Information on the VPA offer is provided below in the Attachments. The VPA is currently being prepared and will be placed on public exhibition in the near future for public comment.

How to make a comment

The Planning Proposal and draft DCP was on public exhibition in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the related Regulation 2000 from Wednesday 21 November to Wednesday 19 December 2018.

The closing date for submissions was Wednesday 19 December 2018.

If you wish to comment, please forward a written submission by either: 

Mail:   General Manager
           Georges River Council
           PO Box 205,
           Hurstville, BC 1481

Submissions should quote reference number: Landmark Square - SF18/2802

If you make a submission and have made political donations or gifts, a statement must be completed.

A submission by way of objection must set out the grounds for objection. Submissions are not confidential. Requests to access submissions will be considered in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. For more information about Council's Privacy Management Plan, contact Council’s Governance Section on 9330 6400.

A selection of Frequently Asked Questions is included below. Council’s Strategic Planning Section is available to answer any further questions and can be contacted on 9330 9437.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a planning proposal?

A. A Planning Proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of an amendment to the Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 (“Hurstville LEP”) and sets out the justification for making the changes.  The preparation of a Planning Proposal is the first step in preparing an amendment to the Hurstville LEP.

A Gateway Determination is issued by the Greater Sydney Commission (or delegate) and specifies whether a Planning Proposal is to proceed. The purpose of the Gateway Determination is to ensure that there is sufficient justification early in the process to proceed with a Planning Proposal.

Q. What is a LEP?

A. A Local Environmental Plan (“LEP”) is the principal legal instrument for guiding and controlling development at the local government level. LEPs guide planning decisions through land use zoning, development standards and specific provisions for a range of issues including heritage conservation, environmental protection and specific local issues.

The LEP is made up of a written document (“instrument”) and a set of maps.

LEPs for the Georges River Council local government area are prepared by councils and made by the Minister as delegate for the Greater Sydney Commission. The process to prepare a LEP (and an amendment to a LEP) is governed by the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Q. What is a Development Control Plan?

A. A Development Control Plan (“DCP”) provides planning and design guidelines for the design and assessment of proposed developments to support the planning controls in the LEP. A DCP must be considered when carrying out development on any land to which the DCP applies.

Q. What is the applicable DCP for this site?

A. The Hurstville Development Control Plan No. 2 applies to sites within the Hurstville City Centre excluding the 'deferred matters' on the Hurstville LEP Land Application Map. The Landmark Square Precinct is located within the Hurstville City Centre.

Q. What happens after the Community Consultation period closes?

A. At the close of the Community Consultation period, Council’s Strategic Planning Section will review all submissions and prepare a report to Council on the comments raised in submissions and any proposed changes to the Planning Proposal and Development Control Plan.

Georges River Council will then consider a report (and will either support the Planning Proposal and the recommended changes to the Hurstville LEP, not support the changes or support the Planning Proposal with variations or conditions.

If the Planning Proposal is supported (with or without variations), a report to the Greater Sydney Commission will be prepared and the legal drafting of the amendment to the Hurstville LEP requested from the NSW Government’s Parliamentary Counsel.

The last step is the finalising of the amendment to the Hurstville LEP which is made by Council as Council has been granted plan making delegation in relation to the Planning Proposal.

The draft DCP will be adopted by Council as Amendment No.10 to the Hurstville DCP No.2 once the Hurstville LEP is finalised.


1. Site Identification Map and Aerial Photograph

2. Existing Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 Maps

3. Proposed Hurstville Local Environmental Plan 2012 Maps

4. Council’s Planning Proposal Report (Alteration to Gateway Determination Request)

5. Applicant’s Planning Proposal Request and Supporting Studies:
a.Planning Proposal Report (Dickson Rothschild, September 2018) 
b. Urban Design Report (Urban Possible, May 2018) 
c. Economic Impact Assessment (HillPDA, June 2017) 
d. Social Impact Assessment (HillPDA, June 2017) 
e. Hotel Demand Assessment (HillPDA, June 2017) 
f. Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment (Mott MacDonald, June 2017)
g. Heritage Impact Assessment (Rappoport, June 2017) 
h. Preliminary Site Investigation (Environmental Investigations, August 2015) 
i. Detailed Site Investigation (DLA Environmental Services, March 2017)
6. Gateway Determination and Conditions issued by the Department of Planning and Environment 

7. Amendment No.10 to the Hurstville Development Control Plan No.2:
a. Table of Contents – Tracked Changes 
b. Section 1 Introduction – Tracked Changes 
c. Section 2 Application Process – Tracked Changes 
d. Section 3 Strategic Context – Tracked Changes
e. Section 4 City Centre Precincts – Tracked Changes
f. Section 5 Controls for Residential, Commercial and Mixed Use – Tracked Changes 
g. Section 6 Site Planning Considerations – Tracked Changes
h. Section 7 Controls for Other Development Types – Tracked Changes  
i. Section 8 Controls for Specific Sites and Localities:
   i. 8.1 Bing Lee Site – Tracked Changes
   ii. 8.2 Landmark Square Precinct – New Section
j. Appendix 1 – Tracked Changes
k. Appendix 2 Council Codes and Policies – Tracked Changes

8. Council Reports & Minutes 
a. Committee Report ENV019-18 dated 9 July 2018 and Council Meeting Minutes CCL036-18 dated 23 July 2018 - Planning Proposal - 53-75 Forest Road, 108-126 Durham Street and 9 Roberts Lane, Hurstville
b. Committee Report ENV036-18  dated 8 October 2018 and Council Meeting Minutes CCL057-18 dated 29 October 2018 - Amendment No.10 to Hurstville DCP No.2 for Landmark Square (53-75 Forest Road, 108-126 Durham Street and 9 Roberts Lane,         Hurstville)

9. Offer to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement in conjunction with the Planning Proposal for the Landmark Square Precinct, Hurstville
a. Information on the Offer to enter into a VPA
b. Copy of Offer to Enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement relating to the Landmark Square Precinct Planning Proposal
c. Council Meeting Report - 7 August 2017 - VPA offer relating to Planning Proposal for Landmark Precinct
d. Council Meeting Minutes - 7 August 2017 - VPA offer relating to Planning Proposal for Landmark Precinct