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St Joseph’s Riverwood Sports Club funding injection


Georges River Council has awarded a $10,000 grant to St Joseph's Riverwood Sports Club, as part of the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund Program.

The funding will go towards upgrading the sporting equipment that the club uses across a variety of sports including T-ball, netball and cricket.
President of the Sports Club, Matt Carr, said that he was “ecstatic” that the club was awarded the grant.
“The funds will be a great benefit to all of our Club members,” he said.
“By being better able to provide children with fun opportunities to participate in sport from a young age we expect to see happier and healthier children as well as more engaged parents.”
The Club has already started the process of ordering new equipment for the current summer sports they offer.
“We plan to spread the funds over the next three years to ensure we get the most value from the grant,” said Mr Carr.
Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said the new equipment will provide tangible benefits to the health and fitness of children in the local government area.
“The benefits of being active for young children can’t be overstated,” said Mr Rayner.
“Physical activity helps promote healthy growth and development, including stronger bones and muscles, and helps kids achieve a healthy weight.
“Research shows that it improves concentration and thinking, confidence, self-esteem, but more importantly it provides an excellent opportunity for kids to develop their social skills and make friends.”
More than 60 applications were received by Council requesting funding through the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund Program.
Of these applicants, 27 were awarded funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. A total of $1 million in funding was granted to local community groups.
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