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Residents will remain at 23 Cook Street, Mortdale



Council Administrator John Rayner said Council will ensure that the residents remain in their home for as long as they wish.

"Georges River Council had made it very clear to the Koutsoullis family that the current Council could accommodate their desire to stay in their home," Mr Rayner said.

"Georges River Council had offered for the family to stay in the home indefinitely, regardless of whether the home was acquired by agreement or not.

"Yesterday I had a discussion with Mr and Mrs Koutsoullis’ son, Dr Kypros Koutsoullis and guaranteed that his parents can stay in their home as long as they need to.

"We amicably discussed arrangements for the Council to purchase the property for car parking after his parents are no longer able to remain there independently.

"I respect the family’s right to meet with the Minister and if the Minister does not meet their request I will, by Administrator’s Minute and subject to legal advice, not proceed with Compulsory Acquisition as commenced by Hurstville City Council, and will seek a separate legal agreement with the family."

The acquisition of the property was identified in the former Hurstville City Council’s Community Strategic Plan 2025 for additional car parking in the Mortdale shopping centre. Construction of the first stage of the Cook Street car park was completed in 2011.

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