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Local families benefit from improved childcare services in Georges River


Georges River Council Administrator John Rayner said one of the many benefits residents have experienced as a result of the amalgamation of the former Hurstville City and Kogarah City Councils is access to improved childcare services.
Mr Rayner explained that following the merger of the former Councils, residents have greater accessibility to childcare centres across the local government area.
“Young families now have access to six childcare centres where under their former Council they couldn’t,” he said.
“This means that if a family’s first preference for a childcare centre is not available, Council will be able to offer the services of one of the other five centres.”
“This has led to reduced waiting times for families to have their child enrolled into a centre.”
“Georges River Council can also pool resources from more centres than the former Councils, which results in higher quality education and care.”
Mr Rayner added that with the availability of six childcare centres throughout the local government area, there now more staff members available to move between the centres.
“Not only does this mean that children to carer ratios can be maintained, but it also means there is a greater knowledge and experience base to draw from,” he said.
“This results in better outcomes for the education and care of children and, in particular, those families with children who have special needs.”
The six childcare centres across the local government area, include:

Hurstville Early Learning Centre, rooftop of Hurstville Westfield Shopping Centre, Corner of Park Road and Cross Street
  • Jack High Child Care Centre, 70 Vanessa Street, Beverly Hills
  • Carss Park Narani Child Care Centre, 72 Carwar Avenue, Carss Park
  • Ocean Street Long Day Care Centre, 62 Ocean Street, Kogarah
  • Penshurst Long Day Care Centre, 5 St Georges Road, Penshurst
  • South Hurstville Kindergarten, 4 The Mall, South Hurstville
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